7 of the Best Cleaning Hacks From Real Homemakers

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In a real household, cleaning never ends. From dusk till dawn, you’re hunched over, scrubbing, mopping and wrestling with stains. And that’s why it definitely helps to know a few cleaning hacks from real homemakers to make life easier. So check these out and try a few!

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Lemons and salt to clean cutting boards: Cutting boards tend to pick up a certain kind of smell, especially if you chop pungent foods, such as onions or garlic. So, why not use this hack?

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Citric acid from lemons and salt make a great team, as you’ll see if you rub a cutting board with half a lemon, spread some salt on top, and rub it all with lemon again. Rinse in warm water.

Shaving cream gets rid of upholstery stains: It’s said men buy one cosmetic product and use it in a thousand different ways. There’s actually some truth to it, seeing how you can clean upholstery stains using nothing more than shaving cream.

Use any kind of shaving cream, except the gel kind, and leave it overnight. In the morning, dab the spot with a paper towel; anything save the most hardcore stains should be gone.

Clean the blender with dish soap: Cleaning the blender can be a nightmare. No matter how the technology advances, it seems we’ll always have to deal with itsy-bitsy food particles stuck inside the blender.

So put a cup of warm water and a few drops of dish soap and a little bit of baking soda inside your blender, let it run for a couple of seconds and rinse. There, nice and squeaky clean.

Disinfect dish sponges in a microwave: You know you’ve become an adult when the sight of a brand new dish sponge excites you.

Heating a damp dish sponge in the microwave for 90 seconds on full power is enough to eradicate all the nasty bacteria breeding inside it. 

Use cotton swabs to clean your keyboard: If you’re a heavy computer user, you probably see all the grime and gunk peeking out between the keys. But luckily, you can clean it using some cotton swabs and alcohol.

Take out the keys, dip cotton swabs in alcohol and clean up the keyboard.

Clean cloudy glasses with vinegar: Cloudy glasses? Use some vinegar and a handkerchief or a paper towel.

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Clean greasy clothing stains with chalk: Wait, chalk? It actually does work.

Rub some white chalk on a greasy stain on your clothes and then just wash as usual. The chalk absorbs the grease and comes off without ruining the color.

If you love having a clean house, then definitely try out these tips and tricks! They’ll make your life a lot easier!

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