8 Dave Ramsey Habits That’ll Help You Retire Way Sooner

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Most people don’t want to spend their lives slaving away just to afford the basic necessities in life. And if you want to be able to retire sooner than the minimum age for your country and gender, then you need to start implementing some healthy saving habits. And this is where the expertise of Dave Ramsey can be immensely useful. So check these ideas out!

Don’t Dwell

If you dwell on mistakes, you will be more likely to repeat them or to lose motivation from beating yourself up. Consider what went wrong, what you can learn from it, then swiftly move on. Negativity isn’t something you want in your life.

Ditch Convenience

If something is convenient, then chances are, it costs more. Things like eating out, having your car cleaned, or even buying your morning cup of coffee are all things that you could do yourself without paying extra for someone else to do it for you.


Plan with your money. Figure out the age you want to retire, and how much money will make this a possibility. If you create a plan for yourself and your spouse, then you will be more likely to stick to it. You also will be able to use it for reference, and as a means back if you find yourself straying from what you decided.

Teach Your Children

Rather than allowing your children to demand their every whim, and you caving in, teach them healthy money habits from a young age. Saying no and teaching them to budget will not only allow you to increase your savings but also give them a head start in smart money managing that will aid them in retiring sooner too.

Minimize Spending

Dave Ramsey figured out that owning lots of things does not equate to happiness, but that his time does. Rather than spending more on things simply for appearance or greed, buy what you need with a few wants, and throw the rest of your money into a savings account.

Cut Back

When you retire, you may not have an income coming in anymore. And this means you might need to cut back. By doing this now, it won’t come as a shock to you later on.

Also, if you don’t need something, or rarely use it, get rid of it now for extra savings.

Use Coupons

$0.25 doesn’t sound like a lot, but over numerous items and years it can build up to an impressive figure. By utilizing coupons, you will save yourself little amounts of money in the here and now that, when collected in a savings account, can have a large impact on your early retirement.


Whether things turn out well or not as you hoped, reflecting on things can help you in your journey to early retirement. When you look at things that went wrong you can figure out ways that they could have been done differently, and adapt until you get the desired result. When it comes to good things, you can also look at how they might be improved upon for even better results.

By learning and growing, you will find your finances easier to handle. Early retirement is not something that is saved only for those with a large amount of money. If you are smart with your spending and saving, you can have more time doing the things you enjoy.

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