8 Beyond Genius Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

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These cleaning hacks are some of the most helpful and easy ways to keep your home tidy! So if you’re wanting to get your home under control, then these will definitely save you time!

So check out the cleaning tips and tricks that I’ve found from awesome bloggers below, and be sure to take a look at the tutorials on the original page.

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Microwave Sponge to Disinfect and Clean Microwave


Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

A great way to disinfect your sponges is to microwave them on high for 1 minute. And an added benefit to this hack? The water in the sponge is released and moistens the dried food on the sides of your microwave (yes for easy cleaning!).

Turn on AC Before Dusting


Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

If you turn your AC on before dusting, any floating dust particles that get knocked up into the air will be sucked into the filter, and leave you with cleaner air to breath.

Grapefruit and Salt to Get Rid of Soap Scum


Found from Organization Junkie

If you have a lot of gross soap scum build-up, a great way to get rid of it is with a halved grapefruit and salt. The citric acid and the rough salt will get it up right away!

Attach Microfiber Cloth Around a Broom


Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

If you want an easy way to dust high and hard to get places, attach a microfiber cloth to a broom with a rubber band. No need to strain yourself.

DIY Lavender Laundry Sponge


Found from Smart School House

An awesome way to have your clothes come out smelling and feeling fresh every time is to try this tutorial for creating reusable lavender laundry sponges. Definitely a great way to make your laundry smell super good!

Use Canned Air to Dust Bathroom Exhaust Fans


Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

Ever notice how the fans in bathrooms can get seriously dusty? It’s a bit of an eyesore, to say the least. But with canned air, you can get rid of it fast and easy (also, it doesn’t cost much either).

Scented Cleaning Vinegar


Found from One Good Thing By Jillee

If you’re looking for a more natural product to clean your home with, then try this tutorial which will show you how to make a nicely scented cleaning vinegar. Definitely worth your time!

Dust Your Light Bulbs for More Light


Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

When dusting, make sure to get the light bulbs! A lot of the time, people don’t clean them and end up having a more dimly lit room because of it.

If you hate cleaning your home because it takes so long to complete, then I hope these hacks help you hate it a little less. Seriously, nobody likes doing it, but at least we can shave off some hours when house cleaning. No sense in wasting your time when you could be relaxing in a freshly clean home with a cup of coffee!

Now if you have any questions on cleaning hacks and tips, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear about them!

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28 thoughts on “8 Beyond Genius Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know”

  1. I am used to do AC OFF before cleaning as I was thinking dust can hurt AC if I keep it ON during cleaning. But somehow I agree with your Suggestion. Next time will keep it On.By the way, I Love your Tip #7.

  2. My house flooded a few years ago, and I lost all of my end tables. So I went to Walmart and bought some Rubbermaid garbage cans of the appropriate size – two for the living room, one for my bedroom, etc – then I bought some round pieces of plywood at Home Depot. I covered the garbage cans with the ROUND pieces of plywood and put round tablelcloths over them and put lamps and things you would ordinarily put on end tables. Inside those garbage cans I have things stored that I don’t use very often but am not ready to discard. Christmas decorations are in one, kids old toys in one, old sheets and extra blankets and pillows in another. These tables look great – they take the crunch off the closets, and they were inexpensive to create.

  3. Anytime I see tiny, dirty crevices, I attack them with a toothpick, then wipe away with a clean, damp cloth.

  4. I use a vacuum cleaner to clean the bathroom exhaust fan. Then check to see the blades of the inner (under the cover) are still clean enough.

  5. I wish to know how to clean the shower doors that are not glass from soap scum. I have tried so many things that have not w worked. Thank you

  6. You can make homemade slime and use in cracks or crevices, piano keys, and list goes on..but u get where I’m going with that. I had this idea when I was in wal mart and needed something to detail inside my car, there it was in a nice shiny bag…it was the same thing as our homemade slime. I’m sorry if I sound stupid, my granddaughter is constantly chattering asking me questions

  7. My daughter inevitably leaves at least half of her cereal in her bowl each morning. I used to just let the drain screen grab it but now I will punch 2 holes in a used cup, dump the cereal in and just the milk passes through. Then I’m able to just throw the mushy cereal away, leaving it right in the used cup.

  8. I use an old toothbrush for cleaning round taps and little corners on the stove tap. Write on the handle in black permanent marker that the brush is for cleaning only !

  9. I use a small short bristle paint brush to dust lamp shades, the crevices of knick knacks, tops and around edges of books and other intricate or tight spaces.


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