7 of the Best Money-Saving Tips from the Great Depression

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We all need some great money-saving tips, and thankfully, there are plenty from the people who lived through the Great Depression. It was a very hard time for them, but they learned how to pull through it. And if you’re going through a financially hard time as well, then definitely check out these tips. They’ll really help you out!

Ever Thought of Keeping a Garden? Produce can be very expensive at the store. But it’s also one of the best ways to stay healthy. So if you want to make nutritious meals every night and save money, then you can start growing your own seasonal foods.

Sew it Yourself: While it can be easy to just throw away that shirt that got a tear or buy a new dress, fixing and creating whole outfits yourself is a great way to get the exact style that’s in your head and save money.

Buy the Full Chicken: Rather than just buying expensive chicken parts, why not try buying the whole chicken. There are multiple meals you can make throughout the week just by using one whole chicken. 

Pay for Only What You Can Afford: To put it simply, if the money isn’t in the bank, or you have more important priorities to save up for, then don’t buy it.

Can Your Food: Learning how to can is a great way to preserve food throughout the months to make tasty and healthy meals while also saving money. Off-season produce can be expensive, but if you canned it during the months it was in season, then you don’t have to pay that expensive price tag.

Save the Leftovers: Instead of just throwing that food out, make sure you’re saving it for future meals. Also, if the type of food works and it’s uneatable (like eggshells), you can use it as compost for your seasonal garden!

Get Rid of All Unnecessary Spending: If there is something you can do yourself, or you have subscriptions you’re not using, then I would definitely make sure to get rid of them all. There are so many ways you can save money just by looking at what you could do yourself or what you’re not even using anymore.

In essence, learning money saving-tips from the Great Depression is a great way to get ahead financially and stop scraping by monthly. It can be hard enough to make ends meet, but if you can find any way to save money, then things will get a lot easier.

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