7 Habits of Women Who Are Great at Saving

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We aren’t going to give you the conventional ‘make a budget’ and ‘save more’ speech today; we have something different for you. And what we’re gonna do is look at the habits of pro savers: the mighty women who never go broke. So check them out!

Auto withdrawal into savings accounts.

Anyone with some cash in their pockets is a strong believer in not spending it on themselves straight away. As soon as their pay comes in, it goes into their emergency fund, retirement fund, monthly expenses, etc.

Managing cash flow with technology.

The amount of ease our phones have provided us with knows no bounds. And there are many apps that have taken it upon themselves to manage our finances and keep track of them so we are always aware of where our money is going.

Bonuses are not for spending.

Even before your bonus comes in, you might have plans like buying a new watch or a new bag. But the thing is that these women who don’t go broke save their bonuses. Yes, they may have a small splurge, but they put the majority of it into their savings. Because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Tax prep like a pro.

Rather than blaming the state for taking your money, look for tax deductibles that you can use. There are many things that you might not be aware of, so check them out; you don’t lose money!

Deals and coupons are their partners.

This doesn’t make them a cheapskate, but actually someone who is smart enough to take advantage of good deals. They shamelessly use many coupons and wait for the best deals to buy more expensive items.

Saving is a priority.

There are days when these smart women choose not to spend anything whether it’s on food or shopping; they just don’t do it!

They don’t give a bonus to themselves.

Many women have this bad habit of rewarding themselves continuously. I understand that you worked hard the whole month and you feel like you deserve something. But it’s not the meal out which you won’t remember in a week. It’s financial peace and freedom for your future self.

Whether you’re in debt or just wanting to save more, there are always some great tips from people who have done it before. So give these tips a try and see how your life changes!

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