6 Clever Cleaning Tips from the Experts

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Everyone loves a clean house, but you can probably agree with me that getting your home properly cleaned can be a little challenging sometimes. For those of us who cannot afford expert cleaners, we have to work our way through getting our house cleaning right.

And this is the reason why we have gathered a few helpful cleaning tips from some top expert bloggers so you can make your home look amazing.

Vacuum Inwards for a Double Dose: Africa Studio via Dollar Photo Club Expert Emma Anderson suggests that you can try vacuuming into a room and then going ahead to double back until you move out. This will give you the chance to touch the areas of the floor that see the most daily traffic about two times. “Vacuum in, vacuum out.”

Cut the Clutter: Next time you’re cleaning or organizing, remove the obvious dirt first. Housekeeping Manager at the Radisson Blu Mall of America in Bloomington had this to say:

“This removes the temptation of just wiping around these items or picking them up and immediately placing them back down on a wet surface, which can leave ring marks,”

Remember The Showerhead: What do you use in washing your shower head? Here is an idea from Lane, a cleaning expert on how to clean your shower head:

“To get built-up residue off a showerhead, tie a baggie of vinegar around it and leave it to dissolve overnight. In the morning, rinse the showerhead.”

Be Organized: Like the pencil holder on your desk, it is pretty important for you to also have a cleaning caddie. According to expert cleaner Anderson from Housekeeping Pros;

““A caddie keeps everything together, cutting down the amount of time it takes to get the job done.”

When cleaning a house, think of everything as a grid: Professional cleaner Anda Tanaka is of the opinion that thinking of everything as grid when we clean has huge benefits

“I do this with small areas, like a mirror or countertop, or larger spaces, like an entire floor.” Tanaka says. “By visualizing the space broken up into a grid, I don’t miss anything and I don’t go over any spot more times than necessary.”

Always cleans from top to bottom:  Another brilliant tip from Anda Tanaka is to clean from top to bottom.

“If you’re doing a major clean-up, do your floors last,” Tanaka says. “That way you’re not shaking down dust and dirt onto anything you’ve already cleaned.”

Now if you have any questions about these cleaning tips from the experts, just let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to help you out!

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