14 Quick Tips for a More Frugal Life

Written by Grace & Silas

In these modern times, it’s becoming increasingly easy to get caught up in the materialistic flow of the world. The internet age and advancements in technology now mean that anything you want to purchase (whether you need it or not) is quite literally at your fingertips.

But of course, sooner or later, however hard you try to avoid it, there is an inevitable cost to all of these compulsive purchases. 

And if you want a more frugal way to live, then check out these tips for living a frugal life and let us know what you think!

Leftovers are Useful

With some kitchen know-how, you’ll be surprised at just how much you can make the next day from leftovers for lunch and dinner. 

Eat Cheap

Create freezer meals and prep ahead. It’s a great way to help yourself stay ahead of the curve. 

Kick the Booze

Alcohol is very expensive, so try setting yourself a budget for the week and stick to it.

Do You Need Those On-Demand Services?

There are a lot of interesting things to watch on the internet and a lot of it is available free of charge.

Pay Your Bills on Time

Try to stay on top of your incomings and outgoings because if you miss a payment, you may well be liable for late payment fees and these can soon escalate and cost you a lot more than you thought. Be pro-active. 

Avoid the Big Stores

Try to do your food shopping at small and local shops. You’ll get a better value for your food which will save a lot of money. 

Get Back to Basics

Wash your dishes by hand and hang your clothes on the line. This will save you and your household a lot of money on energy bills. 

Grow Your Own Food

If you have space in your garden or yard, think about growing your own produce.

Think About Public Transport

If you’re going to ditch your car, then look into your public transport links. Think about week or month long passes if this is something that you plan to do on the regular. 

 Be Lamp Aware

We’re all guilty of leaving lights on when they don’t need to be. So just make sure the lights are turned off in the rooms you’re not using and before you leave the house.

Look for Used 

Ask your friends and family first; you’ll be surprised at what people don’t want and are willing to get rid of.

Make a List When You Go Shopping

Supermarkets and other big retail establishments are designed to tempt you into impulse purchases. So be strict with yourself and you’ll be fine.

Find Free Entertainment

There is a wealth of things to do that don’t cost a thing in your community. So do a bit of research and have fun with it!

Sell the Things You Don’t Need

Get rid of all those unopened presents that you’ve stashed under the bed. Sell, sell, sell! Then put aside whatever you make from your sale and use it wisely. 

I think you’ll find that once you’ve begun to embrace the philosophy of frugality, it will start to gather with a snowball-like effect. One step will lead to another and before you know it, your whole lifestyle will have changed.

So take a step back from the modern life, give the plastic a break, and enjoy your newfound frugal lifestyle and all the many benefits that come with it!


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