10 Super Simple Ways to Save a Ton at Aldi

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Rapidly expanding in the U.S, Aldi is an amazing grocery store that offers a lot of variety with products. It’s home to a ton of foods that won’t break the bank and beat just about everyone around on nearly everything. Though they don’t take coupons, this grocery store has almost all the best bargains.

And to even help you save even more money, I’ve gathered some of the best ways to score a great deal. Down below are some great tips and tricks that you might want to consider on your next grocery run. So check them out, bookmark this post, and let me know what you think.

Check the Bargain Bins at the Front

Not many grocery stores have bins around the checkout/entrances area, but Aldi does! Head on over to check them out; they’re filled with plenty of necessities. It feels like a lot of stores have discount sections filled with things you don’t need, but Aldi makes sure you’re getting discounts on produce, canned good, etc.

Get 50% Discount on Bakery Items

Two days before the item expires, Aldi discounts their baked goods up to 50% off. Just look on the package for the expiration date, get a couple and save more. Also, just be sure to consume them before they expire!

Use Cash Back Apps

Aldi is compatible with some cash back apps that guarantees rewards and rebates. There are three that can be used when you shop at ALDI which will save you bonus money on your already low cost purchases.

Checkout51 – Checkout51 is pretty easy! Just submit your Aldi receipt on Checkout 51. They’ll confirm the purchases (that you made) that they have discounts for and credit your account. Afterwards, Checkout 51 will send you a check when your account has accumulated a $20 balance.

ReceiptHog – This one is very convenient because there are no specific items to purchase. Simply upload your receipt and earn coins. When you earn 500 coins, you can redeem them for a $5 Amazon or Paypal gift card. Each receipt you upload earns you up to 20 coins depending on how much money you spent on that grocery run. Here’s a breakdown of how many coins you can earn per receipt:

– Less than $10 spent = 5 coins

– Between $10-$50 spent = 10 coins

– Between $50-$100 spent = 15 coins

– Over $100+ spent = 20 coins

Shopmium – This app is specifically on brand products and not tied to store names. ALDI actually has a decent amount of brand name products in their store, and using the Shopmium App will help you save even more!

Buy More Organic and Gluten-Free Products

When you shop in Aldi, chances are you’ll find a lot of good prices for organic and gluten-free products. Whether you’re into healthy living or just testing the waters, this is a great place to stock up on healthy food. Their organic product line is called Simply Nature and their gluten-free foods are named Live Gfree.

Stock Up on Dairy Products

Another good deal you can find in Aldi is it’s dairy products. From the wide variety of milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt, this grocery store has a very low price for all of them. Their cheese selection is worth checking out, particularly the soft or specialty cheeses they offer around the holidays.

Double-Back Guarantee

If you don’t like an item or you’re not satisfied, you can bring it back, replace it with something else and get your money back. Now that’s awesome customer service!

The Double Guarantee doesn’t apply to non-food Aldi items, alcohol, and national brands.

Prefer Store Brands

One of the ways Aldi saves shoppers up to 50% on groceries is by stocking its shelves mostly with products that carry its own name. There are nearly two dozen Aldi exclusive labels, which are tested to meet or beat the quality of national brands. Compared to other branded items, they cost less and has the same quality (if not better!).

Meats Can Be a Good Deal

If you’re planning on having barbecue party at home, consider getting meats at Aldi. Every Wednesday, they offer a special fresh meat special. Sometimes its brisket, chicken breasts, and usually it’s top cuts of meat at really low prices. These are great choices for planning freezer meals and doing your weekly meal planning.

Just a note, prepare to make an earlier trip on Wednesday because the cuts often come in limited amounts and once the specials are gone, they’re gone.

Stock Up On Canned Goods

Canned goods are something you shouldn’t miss at Aldi. From tomato soup, green beans, corn, and much more, Aldi has the best deals on them. While you’re shopping, you may want to grab literally everything you see. They’re cheaper than usual, so you can stock up your pantry without spending too much.

Get Some Sweet Stuff

If you’re having a sweets craving, then don’t worry, Aldi has got you covered. Chocolate, candies, cookies, syrups, bars, etc.  You can get them for amazing budget-friendly prices. You can also find a wonderful selection of European chocolates that are irresistibly delicious.

This is also perfect for trick or treaters or if you’re having a kids party soon.

Look For Empty Boxes

If you forget your reusable bags and don’t want to buy a new one, keep an eye out for empty boxes on shelves around the store and use them to pack up your groceries. You’ll save money doing this instead of buying plastic bags or Aldi’s bags.

It’s overwhelming yet good to know that there’s plenty of great finds at Aldi. Not to mention, they’re high-quality products and budget-friendly. And the idea that you can even get them for a cheaper price by implementing these tips and trick is a pretty awesome. So give these hacks a try and let me know what you think!

Now if you have any questions about these tips, just let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear about them!

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