The Lebanese Food Bucket List: 10 Authentic Lebanese Recipes

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Lebanese food is the kind of food you get when you’re craving something super flavorful and fun and you’re really hungry.

Like it’s filled with so many delicious spices, oils, and ingredients, and when it’s done right, it really hits the spot.

And whether you’re ordering off a delivery app, doing a pick-up, or eating at the restaurant, it’s the kind of food where you don’t just order a main. You order two or three (or four ) different sides, maybe a couple desserts, and a drink.


Because there are so many good options to try, you can’t just have one thing and then leave.

And if you’re curious about Lebanese cuisine or you want to try new recipes, then this bucket list has got you covered. 😉 

Lebanese Muhammara (Walnut & Red Pepper Dip)

I love Lebanese dips! 😭 

And I can’t remember if I’ve ever had this one, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s probably really good!

I mean I looked over the ingredients and here’s just a BIT of what it has:

  • A jar of roasted red peppers
  • Garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Pomegranate Molasses (??!!)
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Cumin
  • And more SO much more!

I think this needs to be on your list to make!

Lebanese Muhammara (Walnut & Red Pepper Dip)

Lebanese Hummus

I love Lebanese hummus! It’s so creamy and garlicky and perfect for pairing with pita bread.

And not just dipping the pita bread in it, I mean scooping it up and getting a ton of hummus all in one bite.

Lebanese Hummus Recipe

Batata Harra (Lebanese Spicy Potatoes)

I think all of us love potatoes, so this recipe is probably a given that you’ll try it. 😉

Also, they’re spicy and sound super flavorful, and I think they’ll make the perfect side for a dinner this week.

Batata Harra Recipe

Arayes (Meat Stuffed Pita)

Oh my gosh, these look so good.

If you want some Lebanese street food in your home tonight, then this recipe is IT.

With cheese, beef, garlic, olive oil, and so many other tasty ingredients, I think you need to make this.

Arayes Recipe

Mujadara (Lebanese Rice and Lentils)

I love eating savory flavorful rice dishes, and this one looks SO good.

Also with Caramelized onions, this is probably going to be a dish packed with a lot of good flavor.

Mujadara Recipe

Lebanese Falafel

Put it in a wrap, eat it as is, pair with some other sides, it’s up to you! Falafel is such a versatile recipe and tastes so good!

And if you want to enhance your cooking skills, then this might be a fun one to try!

Lebanese Falafel Recipe

Lamb Sambousek with Filo Pastry

Lebanese lamb recipes are so incredibly delicious.

And if you’re craving something dripping in spices and flavor and wanting a bit of crunch well, then this recipe might just be for you. 🙂

Lamb Sambousek Recipe

Lebanese Lemonade

Mint lemonade is so good!

However, I can’t remember if I’ve had this specific Lebanese recipe before… but I think I have! 😂 

So if you want something super refreshing, then I think this is a good one to try out this weekend. 

Lebanese Lemonade Recipe

Manakish (Lebanese Za’atar Bread)

If you’re wanting some good flat bread to pair with meat dishes, then this might be a good one to try.

It will require you to let it sit for a bit, but I think it will be worth it. 🙂

Manakish Recipe

Jallab (Lebanese Drink with Date Molasses and Rose Water)

I think many of us in the west feel a bit weird about certain ingredients like dates and rose water, but I PROMISE you this, when it’s done by people from different Eastern countries, it really does taste good.

So I’d say, trust the process, give it a go, and you might find that you like it a lot. 😊 

Jallab Recipe

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