The Korean Food Bucket List: 10 Delicious South Korean Recipes


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Korean food has so many good ingredients, spices, and textures. It really is a wonderful cuisine that makes for an incredible night out or in.

And there are so many different ways you can experience it!

You can have Korean BBQ where they cook your meat in front of you and bring out a whole bunch of tasty side dishes. You can order one of many different types of hearty savory soups. Or you can just order a ton of different dishes and dig in with some friends, family style!

And if you’ve been curious for awhile, then I think you’ll like this Korean Food Bucket List. You can check things off as you go and make it a fun way to experience a new type of food!


If you’ve had kimchi before, but weren’t crazy about it, then I’d definitely experiment!

Not all kimchi is the same.

There are so many different recipes that you can get, and when you find the right one for you, it can be SO good!

Kimchi Recipe


Bibimbap is such a fun Korean dish!

You get some rice and put a whole bunch of different toppings on it, put a bit of gochujang (a delicious Korean condiment) on top, and you’re all set!

Bibimbap Recipe

Mandu (Korean Dumplings)

I love mandu! 

It’s such a fun dish to get along side the rest of your order.

They’re tasty dumplings filled with savory juicy meat, but you can also get other flavors and ingredients as well! 

Beef Bulgogi Mandu Recipe


Ttekbokki is one of my favorites! They’re short little rice cakes that have a fun satisfying texture and are swimming in a delicious sauce.

I’ve had it with fish cakes and boiled eggs, which also makes the dish so much more fun to eat!

Tteokbokki Recipe

Kimchi Pancakes

Kimchi pancakes are a fun savory tangy fluffy Korean food.

I honestly think it’s a great recipe to pair with some gochujang. I’m not saying that’s a traditional pairing, but it would taste good. 🤷‍♀️ 

Kimchi Pancakes Recipes

Korean Fried Chicken

I haven’t had good authentic Korean fried chicken yet, but I know from a friend who lived in Korea, that it’s incredible. 👌 

Korean Fried Chicken Recipe


Reading over the ingredients, it looks like it’s a pretty simple and delicious glass noodle stir fry recipe!

I think it would make a great side or main!

Easy Japchae Recipe

Kimchi Soondubu (Spicy Korean Soft Tofu Stew)

This stew looks so incredible! I could see myself eating this on a cold night; it looks like the perfect comfort food!

Kimchi Soondubu Recipe

Oi Muchim (Korean Cucumber Salad)

Oi muchim looks like a very refreshing and flavorful dish to have if you want something healthy, but tasty. 🙂

Oi Muchim Recipe


I love bulgogi! It’s such a tasty, savory, and flavorful Korean beef dish! Also, it’s just really fun to eat with a bowl of steaming hot rice.

Bulgogi Recipe

Side Note: If you wanna try a tasty-looking Keto version of this kind of dish, then definitely check out this keto Korean beef recipe. It’s done in under 30 minutes + it serves 6!

Grace is the owner of Chasing Foxes, a lifestyle blog that's here to help women level up their lives in almost every way possible.

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Grace Moser

Grace is the owner of Chasing Foxes, a lifestyle blog that's here to help women level up their lives in almost every way possible.

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