10 Amazingly Delicious Japanese Recipes for People Who Don’t Want Another Boring Meal


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I remember being a kid and thinking that the only thing that the people in Japan ate was sushi.

As Japanese cuisine started to get more popular in the the states, that seemed to be the only part of their cuisine people talked about.

Or maybe that’s all I really ever heard about since my parents didn’t ever go out for Japanese.

Either way though, I think I was horribly deprived as a child, because I had no idea how incredible their cuisine was back then. 😂 

I mean, yes, sushi is incredible, don’t get me wrong. But there is SO much more to it, and that’s why I’m creating this bucket list.

I want to get better at my cooking skills, but I also want to try more new things.

And if you want to follow along and do the same thing, then give some of these Japanese recipes a try!

Pork Katsu Curry

I have tried it yet? Yes

Japanese curry paired with a breaded pork cutlet is one of my favorite things!

The breading is so perfect and crispy, and when the juices of the curry soak into the flaky breading and meat, it becomes such a comforting tasty meal! ❤️ 

Pork Katsu Curry Recipe

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

I have tried it yet? Yes

I love Japanese cheesecake!

It’s so fluffy, airy, and of course it has a wonderful sweet cream cheese flavor.

If you haven’t had it yet, or you need something to make for a party, then I’d say this Japanese dessert is a good one to try!

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake Recipe


I have tried it yet? No

If you love hot pot, then this is a good Japanese recipe to try!

Hot pot is so comforting! It’s basically a meal where you heat up the broth on a burner at your table (at home or at a restaurant), you take raw ingredients, and then put them into the broth to cook while you hang out and talk. 

And Japanese oden is a great hot pot recipe to try yourself. Full of different types of meats, eggs, and so much more, it looks like the perfect comforting dinner.

Oden Recipe

Japanese Beef Curry

I have tried it yet? Yes

This is one of my favorite Japanese food recipes!

It’s super comforting, savory, and satisfying, and if you haven’t tried it yet, then I’d definitely recommend it!

And if you’re short on time, you can just use some pre-packaged Japanese curry cubes and make the process a whole lot faster. 🙂

Japanese Beef Curry Recipe


I have tried it yet? Yes

Mochi is one of my favorite desserts!

It’s a traditional Japanese dessert where some ice cream has a chewy tasty dough wrapped around it. The dough is made from a glutinous rice flour and is very fun to eat!

Also, mochi comes in so many tasty flavors! And when you make it at home, you get to determine what ice cream you want to use. 🙂

Mochi Recipe

Chicken Yakitori Recipe

I have tried it yet? Yes

Meat skewers are a classic recipe, and if you’re curious about the Japanese version of them, then I think this will be a fun recipe to try this week, or even when you do a BBQ in the summer!

Chicken Yakitori Recipe

Japanese Melon Bread

I have tried it yet? No

Japanese food is incredible, and one of the things they do excellently are their desserts.

And with a sweet and crispy almond cookie crust, I think these will pair well with some creamy coffee or tea!

Japanese Melon Bread Recipe

Yaki Onigiri

I have tried it yet? No

I’ve been wanting to try these for awhile since I started seeing them everywhere on TikTok!

They looks so good!

Basically they’re rice balls, with or without filling, and then grilled with a tasty sauce brushed on the outer part of the rice.

I need to try this one soon!

Yaki Onigiri Recipe

Japanese Katsudon

I have tried it yet? No

I’ve been hearing about this one for a few years now, and I still need to try it!

This Japanese food consists of crispy breaded pork on top of eggs and rice, and cooked with a delicious sauce mixture.

I think it’s gonna be good. 🙂

Japanese Katsudon Recipe

Tamago Sando

Whether they’re sweet or savory, Japanese sandwiches look SO incredible!

With milk bread, an egg mixture made with Japanese mayo (which tastes really good BTW 👌), cream, and other tasty ingredients, this might be your favorite sandwich yet!

Tamago Sando Recipe

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Grace is the owner of Chasing Foxes, a lifestyle blog that's here to help women level up their lives in almost every way possible.

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Grace Moser

Grace is the owner of Chasing Foxes, a lifestyle blog that's here to help women level up their lives in almost every way possible.

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