Have a Good Day - A List of Wonderfully Clickable Links for Your Weekend

Written by Grace & Silas

It’s Saturday right now, so here’s something to brighten up your weekend.

I’ve been wanting to compile a shortlist of very import links. And when I say important, I’m talking about…

– The best EVER chocolate chip cookies.

– An article on the incredibly surprising but simple way to make friends as an adult (hint, it includes food and is SERIOUSLY brilliant).

– A random but very beautiful photo of Paris that will make you dream.

– And a lot more odds and ends that will make your weekend just a bit more bright.

This idea of sharing great thoughts and ideas and recipes has been something I’ve been wanting to do for over a year now, so here it goes!

These chocolate chip cookies have been my go-to for any time of the year. Oh, it’s Christmas? Let’s make these cookies. Middle of the summer and it feels like an oven outside? Cool, cookies. They’re incredibly perfect and you should probably make them right now.

This article on how to make friends as an adult was unexpectedly genius. I mean, it includes food and is something I would actually do. Also, everybody loves food, so you already have something in common with the people you want to meet.

Click here… you’ll like it.

This pug has skills. That is all.

This woman’s Instagram is absolutely dreamy and you need to follow it now. 

A wonderful Parisian view you might want to look at.

This Youtuber’s guide on how to build a capsule wardrobe is PERFECT. I’ve started implementing her tips and tricks and it’s basically changed my life.

Perhaps this recipe for a Sunday brunch?

Sweater and shoe combo of the week.

Tips from an FBI agent that are actually applicable in real life? What?

This photo makes me happy. You might like it too.

Enjoy your weekend! 


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