5 Great Snacks for Anyone Trying Intermittent Fasting

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Even on a strict diet, we can sometimes need little treats that keep us going and make our diet seem a bit more bearable.

While it can be tempting to reach for the potato chips, we’ve collected together 5 snacks that won’t ruin your diet and keep you on target.

So here are 5 treats you can enjoy snacking on that won’t be too detrimental to your intermittent fasting!

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1. Nuts

They might seem like a calorie powerhouse, but they contain monounsaturated fats along with omega 6 and omega 3 and essential vitamins and minerals. So nuts seem to be a great hunger-buster and are a nutritious snack.

2. Licorice Herbal Tea

If you like tea, then this is for you!

Having to limit your choices of snacks while fasting, this is one of the best snacks since it feels like a treat despite being super healthy and helping you feel full for longer.

It’ll also cleanse your respiratory system and soothe your stomach aches along with assisting cancer treatment and reducing stress.

3. Hummus

One of the most delicious and savory dips! It’s filled with plant-based proteins and has great nutritional content as it is also made from chickpeas.

4. Blueberries

Like any other fruit, blueberries come with numerous benefits, the most significant being that it’s packed with antioxidants and promotes overall lower weight. Definitely a great snack to eat at work or while watching TV.

5. Raspberries

This delicious high fiber fruit is guaranteed to not only keep your stomach full, but also satisfy your taste buds from time to time with limited amounts of fat and a high quantity of fiber.

These are just a few simple snacks you can grab at the store while you’re intermittent fasting. They’re tasty, healthy, and easy to eat. So try them out!

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