10 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship



What type of relationship pops up in your head when you see the phrase ‘Toxic Relationship’?

Romantic relationships? It’s not a surprise because we hear a lot about toxic romantic relationships even though any type of relationship can turn into a toxic one for a bunch of reasons. Relationships with our friends, family, and even professional relationships can be toxic!

At the beginning of any kind of relationship, it’s very tough to recognize if it’s a toxic one or not. Hidden or obvious red flags are often ignored.

Time is something that helps us understand any relationship better. We can be in a toxic relationship without even realizing it! Here are some signs that you should take seriously to recognize a toxic relationship as time goes on:

1. Fighting too much

Arguing once in a while by maintaining a healthy boundary can help you understand each other better whereas the occurrence of constant fights where you put each other down or try to intentionally hurt each other’s feelings is a huge sign that the relationship is taking an ugly and unhealthy turn. It can result in holding grudges and bitterness.

2. Lack of communication and transparency

We all know communication is the key. If the other person avoids getting into deep and heavy conversations with you and feels hesitant to open up to you whereas they seem to be okay to communicate with others, it means the relationship they share with you is probably not even real enough to them. This can result in lying and hiding things which is something you can’t take lightly.

3. Asserting dominance

When you realize your opinions are not taken into consideration when it comes to decision-making for the both of you, it’s time for you to think about the role you’re playing in that relationship and how much you’re truly valued. You should never feel reluctant to say no about something when they’re trying to guilt-trip you.

4. Jealousy to an unhealthy extent

A little jealousy and possessiveness is an indication of your partner caring about you and wanting you. But don’t confuse it with toxic jealousy where they think it’s okay to forbid you from your freedom. When they’re too dependent on you and the only thing that matters to them is you, it’s a sign that they don’t understand the concept of space. A healthy relationship is when they respect your space and privacy and vice versa.

5. Lack of trust

This is an obvious yet very important one. If two people can’t trust each other in any type of relationship, they shouldn’t be in one at all. It’s time to rethink the relationship if you can’t rely on them emotionally or otherwise.

6. Feeling one-sided

Seeing yourself to be the only one putting effort into remembering the little things about them, doing things that they like, trying to communicate with them, etc. and not seeing them even try to reciprocate is a major sign of them taking you for granted. If you’re not being valued the way you deserve to be, the relationship probably isn’t worth it.

7. They make you feel insecure

A relationship is all about letting each other grow and bringing out the best in them. But if they make you feel insecure about yourself by insulting you and putting you down while disguising it as ‘constructive criticism’, you should take that as a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Going with the flow can make you pretend to be something you’re not in front of them and lose your individuality.

8. They don’t support you

Being supported in every possible way and criticized in a healthy attitude is something you seek from someone you share a relationship with. If they are constantly belittling your dreams and undermining your goals, it means they don’t care about the efforts you’re putting into your life which can result in self-doubt.

9. Feeling guilty to do something for yourself

One of the most overlooked red flags is feeling wrong to spend time without them and enjoying it or to do something for yourself that is going to make you happy. We tend to think it is due to the love and care we have for them. However, a healthy relationship requires two people appreciating and letting each other do things for themselves that make them happy.

10. You’re unhappy deep inside

If you notice that the idea of seeing them is making you feel anxious instead of happy and energetic, it’s time for you to reflect and understand if you’re truly happy in the relationship. Feeling drained around them and trying to avoid meeting them is the most important sign of you not wanting the relationship.

You can’t make a relationship perfect. There are always going to be problems but you have to understand if the problems are severe or not. Holding onto a relationship no matter what shows how much you care about it but you have to realize that you can’t do it at the cost of your mental health and peace.

Listen to your heart and understand that it’s better to not have that relationship instead of having a toxic one.

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