6 Intermittent Fasting Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Read

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If you’re only looking to lose some weight and not gain any muscle, then this is one of the most suitable ways for you to lose weight.

Controlling your diet and knowing what to eat at what time is the best way to lose some extra pounds. And if you’re new, intermittent fasting tells us what to eat and at what time; so basically, you have cycles of eating and not eating.

And if you’re interested, then check out these do’s and don’t’s down below! Just make sure to talk to your doctor beforehand to make sure intermittent fasting is right for you.

Quick Important Note:

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Basically…you don’t need to diet to lose weight and can STILL go to McDonald’s.

Don’t…Eat a Heavy Meal

Many people believe that in order to survive through long periods of fasting, they need to have a heavy meal right before.

But this will hurt your weight loss goals. You need to have a well-balanced meal before you begin. It should consist of a complex carb, lean protein, and vegetables that are non-starchy and have healthy fats.

Do…Some More Simple Workouts

Do some less strenuous steady workouts after at least 8 hours of fasting because by that time, your body will have already consumed the sugar and it will start burning the fat which is what you ideally want

So working out is important even if it’s for a short time.

Don’t…Do Intensive Exercise

Don’t indulge in heavy exercises and marathon runs! High-intensity workouts are something your body can not go through while fasting.

Do…Keep Hydrated

Always keep yourself hydrated. Your body needs extra water to feel more energized (and help you feel less hungry). Some of our usual fluid is given to us from the food we eat.

So when we are fasting, it’s important to drink extra water to provide our body with the right amount of hydration.

Do…Choose a Well Balanced Meal

You should choose a healthy and well-balanced meal to break your fast because your body is in dire need of nutrition.

Do…Start with Baby Steps

The most important part of intermittent fasting is understanding the rhythm of your body and making sure that with whatever dietary changes and fasting you’re doing, it’s not having a negative effect on you.

Always start with baby steps, don’t start with the 48 hour fast. But, if after a while, you see that you’re ready, then go for it!

Intermittent fasting, due to its effectiveness, has gained popularity very quickly. And I get it, I’ve done it too and have seen great results!

So give it a try and make sure to follow these do’s and don’t’s!

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