7 Free Printables That Your Kitchen Needs

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Now whether your kitchen is big or small, you still need a way to keep it organized.. and looking nice. And that’s why I love finding cute pantry and kitchen labels to make things look well put together. Also, they’re free which is great since I don’t always feel like spending money on things that aren’t necessary.

If you don’t want to use the containers that your baking or cooking products come in (because let’s be honest, they don’t always look that great), then you can use clear and/or plastic containers to hold your goods. But they do need some labels (maybe I’m stretching the meaning of the word “need”) to make them look good. Oh and I guess you also need to know what’s in them too. So take a look and let me know which one you like the best!

Hand Lettered Pantry Labels – By The Creativity Exchange


Now what I really like about these labels is that one of the people who created it, did it in their own handwriting. And that’s pretty impressive, especially since it looks pretty darn good on those containers.

Get your free printables from here!

Check the Label – DO or DIY


If you want some simple labels for a few baking ingredients, then these are very attractive and help dress up your pantry and/or kitchen counter. So have fun with them!

Print out yours here!

Pantry Organization Labels – The Country Chic Cottage


These ones are great since they don’t just have the name, but also the ingredients and instructions on how to make a recipe!

Take a look at them here!

Chalkboard Pantry Labels – Lia Griffith


If you have a lot of items that need to be labeled, then definitely check out these ones. They’re cute and Lia made a wide range of labels for many products.

Print them out here!

Vinyl Pantry Labels – Hey Let’s Make Stuff


Again, just another awesome source for great free labels with a wide variety of product names! These will definitely make your kitchen and pantry look amazing!

Check the printables out here!

Open Script Spice Labels – Paper Daisy Design


Now this one is spice specific and that’s great for those who love flavoring things up (a lot) in the kitchen. With a cute design, they’ll make your spice rack look well put together.

Take a look at the printables here!

Diy Mix Labels – Red Fly Creations

blog picture.jpg 1

Now if you want labels that also have the ingredients and instructions, but in a more discreet way, then check these out. They have both in the back of the label so your containers can have a more clean and precise look.

Print out these labels here! – Link has been removed; site is no longer reachable.

There are so many ways to give your kitchen an face lift and inspire change in your home. But I think that kitchen/pantry labels are my favorite. There’s something about the way they add a little bit of character and make things look organized. Also, not having to pay $20 for them from Williams-Sonoma makes them pretty great too.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Let me know down below in the comments which ones are your favorite!

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  1. I just found your site and am loving it! I need to organize and didn’t knw where to bigin. I think the labels and to do lists etc. will be a great help. Thanks so much for printables. Keep up the good work! Cheryl

  2. Hello,
    thank you I love both the pantry & spice labels, I love being organised, well I do try anyhow. I intend to have a new pantry cupboard that I’ve wanted for years to store flour etc so these will be great. I have had a look out for coffee & different tea ones for while, my daughter was to do it but has been busy. The clear ones will be good for that.

    • Check out the links at the bottom for where the labels come from. The people who created them give them to you for free. You print them out and they show you how to apply them to your jars and containers. 🙂


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