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I don’t care if you’re an adult or a child, flower coloring pages are really fun!

There are so many things you can do with them. You can stick with traditional colors, or get creative and use your imagination! It’s entirely up to you!

Also, I especially love this set of coloring pages since last year, my husband and I were in Mauritius.

The island is COVERED in so many amazingly beautiful flowers.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a country with so many flowers. I mean check it out!

And if you’re a strong believer in flowers, and how amazing they are, then I think you’re gonna love this set of 50 flower coloring pages!

Also, if you love taking care of your mental health, then these pages are gonna be great for you!

It was shown in a study that coloring was great for reducing anxiety. So if you want to have a bit of fun, plus take care of yourself, then it’s a win-win. 👍

Instructions for Using These Coloring Pages of Flowers

Here’s how you can print out, and use these fun coloring sheets:

  1. Head down and find any flower coloring pages you want.
  2. Click on the buttons that say, “Click to Download,” and new tab will open up for a printable PDF. Important: Make sure you print them out this way; the images themselves aren’t good quality.
  3. Print out the PDF coloring page on a 8.5 in. by 11 in. sized paper.
  4. Have fun coloring them in!

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I love finding ways to help you level up in your life, big and small.

And I think coloring pages are a great way to do just that!

You deserve to have a bit more fun in your life, and have great mental health. So pick a few from this list, and enjoy! ♥️

Flowers & Vines

A very cute and fun flower pattern coloring page! Also, I love the incorporation of vines; it’s a nice touch! 👌

Stitch Work Flowers

This is such a cute, almost vintage, flower page design! It looks a bit like stitch work throughout, and there are so many ways you could color this page!

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Flowers and Butterflies

I love flowers, and I love butterflies, so this coloring page is an instant yes from me. Also, I think it would be fun to get creative with the butterfly colors. Pastels might be nice!

“I Am Abundant” Flower Coloring Page

I think you deserve to have some encouragement in your day, and this flower coloring page with a kind message is great for that!

“Peace Comes from Within” Flower Coloring Page

It’s always great to remind yourself that you get to be in control of your emotions. So think of this coloring page as a positive affirmation. Also, coloring can help reduce anxiety, so I think it’s cool that this page can help you find peace in that way too.

“I am the Best” Flower Coloring Pages

You ARE the best! And don’t forget it!

Also, have some fun with coloring the leaves in with different hues. So instead of green, maybe try some pretty pinks?

Flower Mandala Pattern

I think that mandala coloring patterns are so pretty, and pairing them with flowers is a great idea! It also reminds me of stained glass. So maybe choose some pretty colors that you’ve seen used in stain glassed windows before!

Flowers and Bean Pods

Such a beautiful design, I love how the leaves and bean pods are wrapping around each other. I also think that this would look great in maybe some cooler deeper colors. But that’s just me! 🤷‍♀️

Lavender Flowers

I love lavender! So this one is an instant favorite, among the other coloring pages.

Also, you could make each lavender a different shade of purple. I think that would be beautiful!

Ranunculus Flowers

There are so many different flowers types out there that I never knew existed. And this is one of them!

I’ve seen it before, but never knew the name. It’s very beautiful, and I think it would be fun to see the petals colored in with two different hues.

Lotus Flowers

I love lotus flowers! They’re so beautiful, and they come in some amazing colors! So maybe try a bright pink for this coloring page; I think it could look great!

Daisy Flowers

Daisies are such simple flowers, but they can be so much fun to color in.

So you could make both of them different colors. Or maybe create a pattern, with a few petals having different colors, and then repeating.

Crocus Flowers

I really like these flowers; they’re so simple, but so elegant looking. I think it would be very pretty to shade in only half of the flower, and let the color fade into the white.

Forget-Me-Not Flowers

Forget-Me-Nots is such a cute name for flowers, and these ones are a beautiful shade of blue! I think it would be worth it to fill them in with their original color.

Hydrangea Flowers

Such pretty flowers, but they don’t smell so good! 😂

And for this flower coloring page, you could color them in with some pretty purples and pinks, or whatever color you’re feeling in the moment!

Poppy Flowers

Poppy Flowers coloring page.

I love poppies; I grew up in California with poppies being the state flower, and saw them all the time!

Also, they can come in so many different colors like white, orange, and even red. So you have a lot of choices for this flower coloring page!

Gerbera Flowers

Gerbera Flowers coloring page.

Gerbera Flowers have such crazy vibrant colors of orange, pink, and yellow. The really are incredible! So this might be a fun one to color in during the spring or summer.


Lily flower coloring page.

Lilies feel so dainty and feminine, and I really like this flower coloring page for that reason. It looks so pretty and elegant, and you can have so much fun with different colors.

Also, I think these would look great with some soft pinks or blues.

Pansy Flowers

Pansy Flowers coloring page.

Pansies are so cute, and a very common flower that you see in a lot of people’s gardens. So I think you probably have a good idea of what kind of colors to use for this coloring page.

But you don’t have to stick to the normal colors; get created and maybe try a fun striped pattern?

Delphinium Flowers

A Delphinium Flowers coloring page.

The name of this flower is so pretty, and they even come in an amazing deep shade of blue!

I think this might be a fun flower coloring page if you like this hue! You could even color it in with it starting off darker towards the bottom, and then getting lighter as you move up.

Hyacinth Flowers

A Hyacinth Flowers coloring page.

Now this is one you see in a lot of colors. I’m talking about a lot of different purples and pinks; they’re very pretty! And I think those colors would be fun to use on this coloring page!

Proteas Flowers

A Proteas Flowers coloring page.

Coming in a couple of shades for just the petals alone, this is a pretty flower for a coloring page!

Freesia Flowers

Freesia Flowers coloring page.

If I had my own garden, I’d be tempted to have these flowers. They look so pretty and delicate!

Also, I think it would be fun to color them in with some soft purples, which is one of the shades you’ll see freesia flowers in.


A Daisy coloring page.

Another cute and simple daisy flower coloring page! And whether it’s you or your child filling this in, I think it would look great with some pink!

Sweet Pea Flower

Sweet Pea Flower coloring page.

What an adorable name! Also, the purples and pinks this flower comes in, would look great on this coloring page!

Water Lilies

Water Lilies coloring page.

If you’re looking for a good coloring page for flowers, then this is an obvious winner. Water lilies are commonly known, but incredibly beautiful!

Also, I think it’s worth it to print out a few pages of this design, and try different colors!

Calla Lily Flower

A Calla Lily Flower coloring page.

This is the kind of flower I’d like to see in a vase at home!

With some pretty soft pinks, and even deep purples, it’s a fun flower to color in!

Anemone Flower

An Anemone Flower coloring page.

I had to look it up, but it seems that this flower comes in some vibrant colors such as blue, purple, and even red!

And if you love fun colors like that, then this is a great coloring page to try today!

Cypress Flower 

A Cypress Flower coloring page.

Cypress flower are such unique and beautiful flowers. Also, they come in amazing colors like red!

It really is beautiful, and I think I’d personally get a lot of enjoyment out of coloring this one in!

Camellia Flower

A Camellia Flower coloring page.

Camellia flower are so incredibly dreamy and beautiful! With a ton of petals, and coming in beautiful pink hues, this is gonna be a great coloring page to try out!

Begonia Flower 

A Begonia Flower coloring page.

The orange that these flowers come in, would look amazing being filled out on this coloring page!

You could even do some pretty sunset hues if you wanted to, but that’s just an idea.

Chrysanthemum Flower

Chrysanthemum Flower coloring page.

Chrysanthemums are such pretty flowers during the summer and fall; you get some nice colors like orange, dark red, pink, and yellow!

So in the end, you have a lot of hues to choose from when coloring this flower in!

Laurel Flower 

A Laurel Flower coloring page.

Now this one is beautiful! It comes in a super soft pink and white, and would look amazing once you’ve finished coloring it in!

Bouvardia Flowers

A Bouvardia Flowers coloring page.

A very simple, but very delicate and pretty flower!

And if you like bouvardia flowers, then try printing out a few of these coloring pages, and go with different colors and patterns. Have fun with it!

Rose Flower Bouquet 

A rose bouquet coloring page.

I love getting rose bouquets! And this flower coloring page is a great one to try!

You could even write in a simple loving message, and gift it to someone you care about!

Tulip Flower Bouquet

A tulip bouquet coloring page.

Don’t just focus on the flowers for this one. Have some fun coloring in the ribbons as well!

Happy Flowers

A coloring page with flowers, hearts, and stars.

I don’t care if this is for your kid, or for you, it’s just a cute and fun flower coloring page!

Flowers and Mushrooms

A flower coloring page with flowers and mushrooms.

This flower coloring page has a bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel to it!

Also, you could have a lot of fun coloring in the mushrooms different colors, and have the hues compliment the flowers.

Flowers and a Home

A coloring page with flowers around a cute small home.

A very cute and fun coloring page design for your child to try out!

They could even draw in their own little animals (like squirrels) for this page if they wanted to.

Flowers and a Bird House

A flower coloring page with a birdhouse, bird, and flowers.

I love birdhouses, and I love having one with a lot of flowers surrounding it! You could have so much fun using a lot of different colors on this page!

One Single Flower

A very simple daisy flower coloring page.

A simple design among the other flower coloring pages! It’s great for your child, but also great for you if you want to zone out a bit!

Simple Tulips

A very simple tulip flower coloring page.

More pretty and simple designs for you, or your child, to try out!

Also, each flower could be a different color, or the same color, but different shades. It’s up to you!

Flower Butterfly

A butterfly flower coloring page.

This butterfly flower design is so incredibly beautiful and intricate.

You could use pastel colors, deep cool colors, or warm summer colors. It’s up to you, but with whatever you choose, I know it’s going to look amazing!

Flower Bunches

A round bunch of flowers for the coloring page.

Such a cute flower coloing page design! Also, each flower bunch could have a different set of colors if you wanted them to!

Mandala Flower Coloring Page

A super intricate and pretty mandala flower coloring page design.

If you like mandala coloring pages, then you’re going to like the last few!

This one is so beautiful! You could have so much fun with the colors you choose for this flower coloring page!

Flower Mandala

A very simple mandala flower coloring page.

A more simple mandala flower design. This could also work for your child!

Also, you could encourage them to put a small happy face on the flower; I think they’d like that!

Mandala Flowers

An intricate mandala flower coloring page.

I think these mandala flower coloring pages are such a great way to unwind with a hot cup of coffee, and have fun with the color choices!

Flower Mandala Coloring Page

A flower coloring page with three mandala designs on it.

For this one, why not try using some super vibrant colors! Soft colors are nice, but sometimes it can be fun to go with more bright hues like red, pink, and yellow!

Cute Flower Mandala

A mandala flower coloring page.

This looks like a great coloring page to do for the spring, or Easter more specifically!

You could even have your child draw in some spring or Easter themes around this mandala flower design.

Flower Mandala Page

Flower coloring page with a mandala design.

Similar to the one above, but a bit more intricate. Also, this one might be better for you, rather than your child.

I could see this being a beautiful finished piece, with all the flowers coming in different colors. Or just a set color theme, but that’s up to you of course!

How to Make These Floral Colouring Pages Even More Beautiful

If you want some more ideas on how to make these flower coloring pages more vibrant and pretty, then here are some quick ideas and tips!

  1. Markers and Pens: While colored pencils are great, markers and colored pens are a fun way to get a bigger pop of color! Also, they’re just great for precision, if that’s what you want with your coloring experience.
  2. Paint: Try using different paints like acrylic or watercolor! Both are so pretty, and give incredibly beautiful designs. Just make sure to print out the flower coloring pages onto the right type of paper, otherwise it might just fall apart.
  3. Small Paint Brushes: Also for painting, make sure you have some smaller brushes for finer details!
  4. Art Tools: Grab some of your favorite art tools to add some texture to your flower art piece!
  5. Use RealFoliage & Flowers: Use real petals and leaves to make these coloring pages come to life.
  6. Backgrounds: Get creative with the backgrounds; add more flower designs, or a nice nature scene.
  7. Positive Words: Try putting some positive messages onto your coloring page (so think positive affirmations). Then hang it somewhere to keep yourself encouraged throughout the day.

Also, here are some ways you could color in each page:

  1. Pastels
  2. Warm pastel colors
  3. Cool pastel colors
  4. Your favorite colors
  5. Ombre
  6. Sunset hues
  7. Earth tones
  8. Different shades of the same color
  9. Muted/Neutral
  10. Neon colors
  11. Galaxy
  12. Your favorite color combinations
  13. Different patterns (stripes, chevrons, hearts, and polka dots)

I hope you enjoyed these fun flower coloring pages! There’s so much you can do with them, and I hope they ease a bit of your stress in this busy week. 🌺

Also, if you’d like even more fun ways to spend your time, then here are some great rainbow coloring pages to try out!

Chasing Foxes was started in 2016 as a way for Grace and her husband, Silas, to start traveling. However, they started to realize that they had a passion for improving themselves, and wanted to help others level up their lives as well. So whether it's with cooking, travel, or staying healthy, they want to help you better your life bit by bit, as they do the same.


Silas & Grace

Chasing Foxes was started in 2016 as a way for Grace and her husband, Silas, to start traveling. However, they started to realize that they had a passion for improving themselves, and wanted to help others level up their lives as well. So whether it's with cooking, travel, or staying healthy, they want to help you better your life bit by bit, as they do the same.

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