10 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

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Whether you don’t have much extra cash at the moment or don’t want to invest in home decor because you‘re renting, you don‘t have to live in a boring, dull, and soulless place.

Home is your sanctuary; it’s a special place where you can feel safe, at peace, and be yourself at all times. The place you live is a representation of you – just like you have a distinct character, so should your home.

As you‘ll soon learn, you don‘t need to invest in hiring an interior designer, buying new furniture or expensive art pieces. Sometimes subtle little tweaks (that are usually super inexpensive too!) can add tons of life, coziness, and charm to your shelter.

Start with these ten budget-friendly tips and notice how much better you’ll feel in your home when it looks just a bit more stylish!

Mandala Bookshelf

Found from Apartment Therapy

This one-of-a-kind DYI mandala bookshelf will dramatically change the vibe of your living room and will make your guests compliment your creativity and savvy (don’t worry, we won‘t tell that you got this idea off the Internet). To fulfill this project, you‘ll need three different size square bookshelves (12 of each size) and perhaps a carpenter to hang all of them in the right order.

Chalkboard Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece

Found from Heart Love Always

This DIY project is pretty easy but the result is totally adorable! What a great way to add some romantic coziness and boho vibes to your apartment.

Ikea Copycat Occasional Table

Found from I Save A to Z

Isn’t it great to sometimes have a breakfast, do some work, or watch a movie on your laptop, while lying in bed? That‘s when this table comes in handy! You can buy it at Ikea, or, if you can use a drill or a screwdriver, you can do it yourself!

DIY Dining Table Tray

Found from Song of Style

Making a beautiful tray is a great way to add some classy style to your dining table. Place the vase with flowers, candles and other design details and your dining room will instantly look Pinterestworthy.

Make Your Own Pillow Covers

Found from Hey There House

One of the simplest ways to add that pop of color and style to your living room or bedroom is to add some throw pillows! No serious color commitment required – you can always easily replace them if you get bored or just don‘t like that color anymore.

Jewelry As Curtain Tie Backs For a Bohemian Touch

Found from Dishfunctional Design

Have some old rhinestone necklaces you no longer wear? Why not try repurposing them by using them as curtain tiebacks? They’ll give your home a cool bohemian-type vibe!

Ikea Whitewash Mirror Hack

Found from Savvy Mom 2 Mom

Whitewash furniture adds some vintage, rustic or even hipster vibe to your apartment. This style is very trendy right now, which means it’s also expensive! The country vintage style mirrors range retail between $200-$300. Not to worry – you can easily make your own.

On-Trend DIY Dipped Stools For Half The Price

Found from Style Me Pretty

This hack is perfect for a Spring refresh! Paint the legs in pastel hues and enjoy the freshness and lightness it brings to your home!

Ikea DIY Entry Table

Found on Style Me Pretty

This DIY project is super easy yet has a big impact. As soon as you or your guests walk through the door, this entry table will shout: “This place is stylish, chic and its owner takes pride in her/his home.“

Paint Wooden Knickknacks or Plastic Animals with Metallic Spray Paint

Found from The Bold Abode

It may sound somewhat strange or even ridiculous but painting wooden knicknacks or plastic animals with metallic spray paint looks super sophisticated and adds a luxurious touch to your house.

Even if you don‘t want to spend a lot of money on beautifying your home, you can use these super smart hacks to make your place look chic even on a tiny budget. There‘s a bonus benefit in doing so – DIY projects is a perfect stress reducing activity that works almost like therapy!

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