10 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom on a Budget

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Probably one of the most loved rooms in our home is the bedroom. Whether you’re living in your own house or apartment, we all want a space that feel like us. And after a long day, almost all of us want to end up in a bedroom that’s relaxing and a restful place.

And if you don’t have a big budget for decorating, all these awesome ideas will make your bedroom cozy and comfortable on a dime. They’re simple, easy ideas that will make your room look great. So check them out and let me know what you think!

Add Some Strung Lights

Adding strung lights or lanterns to your room can really brighten up your place. Hang them on your walls, furniture, and fixtures to give a nice warm and cozy look.

You can also hang them with your photos using clothespins to add a personal touch!

Lay Down a Rug

Sometimes all you need is a rug to totally tie the room together. While a carpet is a good statement for the home, a soft, furry rug can give your bedroom a comfortable chic look.

Make your rug stand out by finding one that matches your room’s paint color!

Stencil Your Wallpaper

Usually, wallpaper can get a little pricey. But to knock off that price, stenciling can be a great way to go. Put up your wallpaper, choose your sharpies and stencil in your design. It’s a fun way to decorate your room with a personal touch!

Also, if you want to have painted walls again, you don’t have to go through the process of taking the wallpaper off!

Create a Gallery Wall

Another easy way to decorate your plain wall is by creating a gallery wall. Hop on the Pinterest and get a good number of wall art ideas like sayings, quotes, and images. Print them in different sizes and frame after. Mix and match them with unframed accessories and get an amazing DIY look!

Use Gold Spray Paint on Your Fixtures and Furniture

Gold painted decorations are all over the place right now. They look decorative, elegant, and expensive. But did you know that you can get the look with just a simple trick?

All you need is a can of $5 gold spray paint and that’s it! Spray it on your shelf brackets, table and chairs legs, and have an instant glamorous look. You can also spray paint your little decorations to make things pop!

Hang a Tapestry

Tapestries are a great way to decorate bland walls. They come in different sizes, colors, designs, and they can really bring a room together. Hang them on your wall using a push pin and it’ll add a nice statement at a low price.

Make Use of Baskets

You can find plenty of surplus baskets at the Dollar store. Put them to good use as a functional and decorative storage. Take them outside, start applying spray paint, be sure you cover all sides and let them dry. Once done, line them up in your room to have stylish storage.

Get Some Succulents

Succulents are such a great addition to your bedroom. They’re readily available plants that are seriously low maintenance.

And it turns out that these little indoor plants are very therapeutic! They can also detoxify your air and relax you. So cool right?

DIY Drawer Knobs

Whether you’re shopping at the dollar or thrift store, there are always great objects that can add a bit of fun to your drawers or bedroom door! Simply drill a hole in the object, add a good amount of glue, and begin to thread the bolt into the piece. Lastly, use a washer and nut to hold the knob in place.

DIY Printed Pillow Case

Your bedroom wouldn’t be complete without stylish and cozy pillows. To make them more personalized, try this DIY project out.

Choose the design you want to add to your pillow (Pinterest has plenty of ideas!), print, place the text or design on top of an iron-on fabric, cut, place on pillow, and iron it on. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to add a personal touch to your bed!

Even if you don’t have the budget for expensive chic decorations, there are still plenty of budget-friendly decor ideas that give your room the same result. You just have to use your creativity, invest a small amount of money, and discover a better way to beautify the things you already own.

Now if you have any questions about these hacks or know of any other cheap bedroom decor ideas, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear you out!

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