7 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy When Stuck at Home

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Mothers are now facing a tough job: to educate their kids while finding strategies to keep everybody safe and in the house. But to achieve both, we need to have some good creativity.

And while we have no doubts that you can make it, here’s a list of activities that’ll keep your kids busy and will help you have more time to yourself. Enjoy!

1. Let them draw.

The first one on the list is pretty straightforward.

Give your kids some blank pieces of paper, pencils, and a couple of hours—no need for drawings to appear beautiful or aesthetically pleasing.

As long as they express themselves, they will be happy.

Tip: To add a fun twist, try giving them something specific to draw (like an elephant) and see how it comes out!

2. Create a fact sheet about an animal.

Once your kids finish giving you a small list of their favorite animals, have them write a few paragraphs on each one of them. This can be done by having them looking up facts about the animals.

3. Let’s exercise. 

It’s sadly true that kids tend to live a more sedentary lifestyle when compared to those 20-30 years ago.

So let’s invert that trend then!

Exercising does not necessarily mean lifting heavy weights or running marathons. Exercises can also mean very basic and fun ones, like dancing or riding their bike around the backyard.

Also, this might be the right time to introduce them to the beneficial practice of stretching.

4. Reading.

A book can entertain and inspire at the same time, so let them choose the one they want.

Also, you can encourage reading by taking turns reading out loud with them or having your own library day where your family creates a reading list and your children must write a book report.

Tip: Replacing electronic devices before going to bed with a good read can improve their sleep quality.

5. Hide candy inside the house and go search for it.

This advice can probably guarantee you an extra 15-25 minutes if you have to cook or you’re in a hurry.

The time can become even more if you know some very secret spots, like the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

6. Ask riddles that will make them think. Possibly, for quite a while.

The internet is full of them, but here are some good ones:

a. What can hold water even if it has holes in it?
b. What’s something that is constantly ahead of you, but you can’t see it?
c. What begins with T, ends with T, and contains T?

(Answers: a sponge – the future – a teapot)

7. Listen to an Audiobook.

Audiobooks have become massively popular thanks to platforms like Audible. And many of these services have a section for kids.

So try one out from a story your children want to hear and see how it goes!

Have you tried them all? Then let us know if you enjoyed the activities. We’d love to hear about it! 😊

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