7 Fun Games You Can Play with Your Kids at Home

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At the moment, many parents can’t go to work, and kid’s schools are closed down for the time being.

And while we completely acknowledge the difficult situation, we also realized it’s a great time for families to play together, inside!

So, here’s a list of seven non-dangerous, fun games that you can experiment with at home.

1. Balancing beam.

“Ingredients”: tape, a healthy competitive spirit.

Attach it to the ground and create different routes.

Every route is different because the rules vary from one to the others.

For example, you’re allowed to walk with one leg only on the yellow tape, but on the blue, you must walk on your tippy-toes.

The first one who completes all the challenges correctly wins.

2. Touch and feel boxes.

“Ingredients”: shoe boxes.

First, decorate the boxes with your offspring. Cut them, color them, re-size them; that’s part of the fun too!

Then, place an objected inside it.

Your kids have to guess what the object is. Yes, it’s as easy and as fun as that.

If they need help, ask questions instead of instantly revealing the mystery.

3. Building a Tower.

“Ingredients”: Toilet Paper’s rolls, cards, pillows, or whatever you think is appropriate.

Rule #1: Let your kid’s imagination do the work for you.

Rule #2: If you want to ignite the competition, challenge them to build the highest tower they can.

4. Let your child imagine with some questions!

“Ingredients”: Nothing.

How would a child’s imagination create an ideal hospital design? And the Roman colosseum? How do you think it was to live with dinosaurs? What would your life look like if you were a fish?

These are just examples of some questions that have the goal of making your children think.

Make sure that they elaborate on their ideas.

This game is very powerful because it can drastically improve children’s communication skills.

Also, it can give you some interesting perspectives on how they see the world.

5. Bowling.

“Ingredients”: Small indoor balls, paper or plastic cups.

If you do not have a small indoor ball, you can use some pieces of cardboard rolled up together.

And no need to explain this game. 🙂

6. The celebrities’ game.

“Ingredients”: Nothing.

Think about your favorite movie hero.

Or maybe the main villain, or the mentor of the hero.

Whatever character you come up with, your kids have to guess it.

They can ask questions until someone finally guesses it.

Remember to choose a well-known actor or actress and, if they don’t have any ideas, give them some clues.

7. Ping pong ball catch.

“Ingredients”: The same as the previous game.

This is a team activity.

One player throws to the other a small ball that has to be caught in the plastic or paper cup.

Every time the ball is thrown and caught successfully, the team earns one point.

You can create matches, tournaments, and even championships!

We all know it’s a tough time right now, but with this post, we really do hope to bring some joy into some houses.

Stay safe!

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