The French Food Bucket List: 10 Authentic French Dishes

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I’ve been to France around 3 times now and all I can say is that their food is incredible.

It’s honestly so hard to have a bad meal in France. You can pop into a random restaurant and I’m gonna guarantee you that it will most likely be a good meal.

But French food is just like that; they use some of the best ingredients, they have predictably good cooking methods and recipes, and they make it work over and over again.

So if you also want to try French cuisine when you visit France or in your own kitchen, then here’s a quick list of foods you’ll want to put on your bucket list and knock off right away!

Coq au Vin Blanc (French Stewed Chicken in White Wine)

I’ve made coq au vin multiple times and it is SO good.

It’s rich, creamy, savory, and incredibly hearty. It’s the kind of meal you’d have when you’re craving comfort food no matter what time of the year it is. Also, you kind of just feel fancy when you make it. 🤷‍♀️

Coq au Vin Blanc (French Stewed Chicken in White Wine)

Easy French Peach Clafoutis

love French desserts.

They’re so rich and incredible, and I could definitely see myself trying out this delicious recipe made with fresh peaches and custard. Also, it just looks so decadent that I might end up eating half of it by myself.

Easy French Peach Clafoutis Recipe

Classic French Madeleines

I love French madelines! They’re so soft and pillowy, and their flavor goes incredible with a hot cup of creamy coffee! ❤️

Classic French Madeleines

Lyonnaise Potatoes (Fried Potatoes and Onions)

There’s something so good and comforting about buttery pan-fried potatoes and onions. This French food recipe is so simple and wholesome and packed with flavor!

Lyonnaise Potatoes Recipe


These kind of look like the ultimate French dessert. Ok, so maybe there’s something else out there that’s even better, but these really do look SO good. I could see myself eating at least 10 of them and not even regretting it!

Profiteroles Recipe

French Hot Chocolate (Drinking Chocolate)

I remember when I first had French hot chocolate. It was in a small idyllic town in France in a cute cafe called Cafe Marignan. The hot chocolate was so decadent and thick that it reminded me of a rich chocolate pudding. Definitely recommend!

French Hot Chocolate Recipe

French Baguette

There’s something so comforting and nice about walking into a French bakery. You’re met with the warmth of the ovens and the smell of wonderful fresh bread.

So if you’d like to make your own baguette at home, then I’d definitely recommend it! There’s so much that they can go with or you can just eat them by themselves.

French Baguette Recipe

Beef Bourguignon

I believe I’ve made beef bourguignon before.

And if memory serves, it was a hearty, savory, and rich dish that I’d love to make again soon!

Beef Bourguignon Recipe

Strawberry Sablé Breton Tart

I love Breton desserts, so I would definitely be up for trying this Strawberry Sablé Breton tart!

It looks so creamy and rich, I could see this being the perfect dessert to pair with hot coffee or tea.

Strawberry Sablé Breton Tart Recipe

Chicken Liver Parfait-Pate

Chicken liver pate is always good when paired with fresh bread, so maybe try making this along with that nice baguette recipe up above!

Chicken Liver Parfait-Pate

Now whether you’ve had French food before or not, I think it’s such a good idea to try new things. And this simple list of French recipes should be a very good place to start!

I personally believe that it’s always a great idea to level up your cooking abilities or become someone who’s more open to different cuisines. 🙂

And if you try any of these recipes, then just let me know; I can’t wait to hear about it and how it tasted!

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