A Simple Comforting Hot Breakfast for Cold Winter Mornings

Silas & Grace

I love this breakfast so much because it’s so creamy and savory, and a comforting meal to have first thing in the morning.

But it’s basically just this:

  1. 1 (or 2) Sunny-side up egg
  2. Noodles of your choice and lightly salted (rice or toast are also great)
  3. Lao Gan Ma Chili Sauce (original) 

You can find the chili sauce in many Asian grocery stores, but it’s kind of been my favorite condiment… for years.

It’s not too spicy, in fact, many versions I’ve had of it in different countries are pretty mild, and it’s such a good topping to add for a burst of flavor. 

And that’s it, simple, comforting, and better than cold cereal on a winter morning.

What’s your favorite warm breakfast during the cold season?

PS – This cafe gave me my yearly dose of estrogen (not complaining) & an Atalanta home that makes me feel jealous.

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Silas & Grace

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