7 Habits of People Who Stick to Their Weight Loss Goals in the New Year

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So many people make New Year resolutions but not very many actually keep them. And if you want to be apart of this group of people, then this is going to be a great read for you.

By following these habits of people who stick to their weight loss resolution, you’ll be able to see results and keep them.

They Make Resolutions with Deadlines

Your resolution shouldn’t be without a deadline and they shouldn’t be a deadline that’s just for the entire year. You want to create deadlines that cover a shorter period of time.

Such as burning 5 pounds in the month of January. That way you have wins along the way as you achieve these milestones and build up your momentum for excitement.

They Keep it Real

One of the most important things these people do is to make goals that are achievable and realistic for them. They don’t immediately cut out all junk food, but gradually reduce their intake day by day and move towards their end goal.

They Keep Their Buddies in the Loop

The best way to keep yourself motivated is to have someone by your side who pushes you and makes sure you follow through. You could even pair up with a friend to work out and follow a diet plan.

This way, both of you will be able to keep each other in check. So find someone who is as committed as you (or more) and will keep going until the end.

They Have a Self-Reward System

They use a reward system to keep them away from bad habits. For example, if your goal is to cut down on fast food in January, then you can reward yourself with something like makeup or a pair of new shoes at the end of the month.

Just make sure these aren’t food rewards.

They Have an Exact Plan to Get it Done

Once you have made a resolution, don’t keep it vague. Make a fitness or weight loss plan you will follow unless you have achieved your desired weight. THEN, create a new plan that helps you maintain your new size.

They Rearrange Their Surroundings

When you want to lose weight, not only do you have to make changes to your diet and exercise plan, but also to the things that surround you.

You need to get rid of the junk food and keep a gym bag by the door to help remind/encourage you to exercise.

They Keep a Journal to Track Progress

This may be a very simple and motivating way to stick to your resolution and actually make progress. In your journal, you can record your weight every month, how many days you went to the gym, took a morning walk, and the meals/calories you ate.

I hope these weight loss tips for the New Year helped you out! It can be so rewarding to see results, so follow these tips and you’ll be able to stick with it to the end!

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