7 Clever Dollar Store Hacks Your Home Probably Needs

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Whether you need some new appliances or ways to organize your home, there are always some great dollar store hacks to try from. So check these out and see what you can get from the dollar store today!

Calling Out the Organizers

If you love to give everything a home and you love to see everything organized, then you must buy the baskets and bins at the dollar store! They come in all shapes and sizes and colors too! You can use them for dirty clothes, your kid’s toys, shoes, etc. They also have square bins for closet organizing! Anything you need you’ll find in there.

Wooden Crates

Place them on top of each other or attach them on a wall and voila! A modern and cheap storage shelf is ready to rock your living room.

Popsicle Molds

Use popsicle molds to hold your kid’s crayons, your jewelry, or anything else that you think might work. They can definitely come in handy!

Baking and Cooking Equipment

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, then definitely get some good cooking and baking appliances from the dollar store. They look great and will save you a lot of money.

Reusing Those Plastic Toy Animals

Your kids can definitely play with them but when they’re done with those $1 animals, you can use them to add style to your bookshelf. Attach them to a piece of wood, spray paint any color, and you’re done! Now use them as bookends; they’ll look chic and modern and not at all cheap!

Shoe Organizers

Something is always falling out of our kitchen cupboards, so hang these from the back of your kitchen door or a wall wherever you deem fit and put something in them. Packets of noodles, a small jar, some small cooking essentials, and even your kid’s junk food. Everything can be stored in here.

Ice Packs

If you or your kids need an icepack, just buy some cheap kitchen sponges, wet them and then freeze a whole bunch for the following day. It’s a great hack for the summer or if your kids get an injury.

Whether you need some hacks to make your life easier or some organization ideas, these have got you covered. I mean not all of us have a huge budget to spend on our home or everyday life.

And that’s how the dollar store has got our back. So give these a try this week!

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