7 Christmas Scent Hacks You Should Try this Year

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Christmas is one of the best times of the year and I love all the wonderful smells that come with the season. Freshly baked cookies and the smell of pine from the Christmas tree are among some of my favorites.

And down below are seven ways to make your home smell like Christmas this year!

Scented Cotton Balls

Take small sized cotton balls and put a few drops of your favorite essential oil in them and place them where they are unreachable for kids, cats, and dogs! You can also keep them out of sight.

This small but very effective hack will definitely smell amazing. Give it a try!

Christmas Scented Candles

This is probably one of the easiest ways to get your home to smell like the holidays.

You have a wide range of candles to choose from, and so many of them are wonderful. Just a few of the scents include things like cinnamon, pine, or even gingerbread.

Stovetop Potpurri

I love simple yet wonderful ways to make your home smell incredible, and thankfully there are so many recipes out there that will help make your home smell amazing.


These are strong-smelling sticks that can work for up to thirty days and they are easily available at stores like Target. You can just hang them up like any other ornament on your Christmas tree.

Crockpot Potpourri

This might not be as fast as the stovetop potpourri, but unlike the stovetop version, it’s safer and more practical where there are kids who could possibly get hurt if they accidentally tipped the pot over.

Bake Cookies

Tried, tested, and effective. Satisfy your tastebuds and nose with a good recipe. You could literally use anything you like, ranging from vanilla to ginger to cinnamon; there are so many options!

Fresh Sage Wreath

Aesthetically and fragrantly pleasing, and easy to make! Grab a styrofoam wreath form and some u-shaped greening pins to stick some leaves onto it. Once you’ve reached your desired thickness, you can add some red ribbons to make it look cute.

The nostalgia that these hacks will bring every Christmas for you and your family will remind you of something different every time. So give them a try!

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