10 Christmas Bucket List Items that You Need to Do

Written by Grace & Silas

Christmas is a great time to have fun with your family, but before all the relaxing and excitement, there are a few things that can’t be missed running up to this festive season.

You need to get them done before you run out of time, and these tips will help make your Christmas more memorable this year. So check them out!

Cut your own tree

To kick start your Christmas celebrations, go out and cut your own tree and decorate it with your favorite ornaments.

Make a wreath

This is so easy to make at home, and you can usually use minimal supplies and time to make a cute but very welcoming wreath for your front door.

Check out this wreath idea here!

Catch all the decorations

Does your neighborhood have lots of beautiful decorations? Take a walk with your kids and see all the Christmas lights! You could also drive around town to see how historic buildings are honoring the holiday spirit.

Bake cookies

Baking cookies and decorating them with your favorite designs is a must-do this Christmas! This would also make a very heartfelt gift to give someone special.

You can check out a cute cookie recipe here!

Make your own ornaments

This small DIY activity should definitely be a part of your bucket list because this will give the whole family a chance to connect.

You can try out a Christmas ornament DIY project here!

Christmas is all about the snow…

and if you don’t live near the snow, then definitely make a trip to the mountains or somewhere further up north where you can do some fun snow activities.

Cozy up

Cozying up in a fleece blanket in front of the fire while sipping some hot cocoa is the perfect bonding idea this Christmas! It’ll be sure to stick in your memory.

Sleigh ride

Have snow? Or lots of hills you can sled down? If so, then go sledding!

Or, gather up everyone and go ice skating…no matter how bad you are at it!

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Embrace the wholesome traditions

Use this time to make your children more aware of the traditions that surround them.

This Christmas, read the Christmas story in the Bible to your kids, watch some old Christmas movies, and try some traditional recipes!

Christmas Caroling

This wouldn’t just brighten up your day but it would also make the people around you happy. You could even go to an orphanage or home for the elderly to sing.

All of these things will give you a chance to get closer to your friends and family while having lots of fun this Christmas. So make the most out of your holidays and enjoy yourself!


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