10 Christmas Hacks You Need to Try This Year

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As much as we love Christmas, there’s no denying that it’s the most hectic and busiest holiday of the year. Lot’s of time spent on buying gifts, preparing delicious foods, ingenious decorations, and great entertainment.

Thankfully though, there are a lot of tricks that can help make the holidays more bearable. They’ll help make your celebration unforgettable and give you a great Christmas. And not to mention, they’re super easy to implement. So relax, check them out, and make your holidays rememberable.

DIY Christmas Scents

If decorating your home isn’t enough for you, I suggest you make your home smell like Christmas with the use of some spices and essential oils placed in a clear glass ornament. Try to make one by combining holiday staples like cinnamon sticks, star anise, orange peel, and whole cloves mixed with grape seed oil. Carefully pour the oil into the ornament, add the drops of oil and the spices. Then put the lid back on and hang on the tree. This will make your house smell welcoming and ready for the holidays.

Repurposed Christmas Cookie Packaging

Homemade cookies are one of the best holiday presents. They taste amazing and can be customized depending on your family or friend’s taste. But after all the baking, you’ll need an easy way to present them. That’s where a Pringles can will come in.

You can easily repurpose those cans into handy containers for cookies and other sweets. Just clean them out, cover them in festive paper, and voila, a lovely cookie present! I’m sure anyone would love to receive a gift like this!

Frozen Whipped Cream

What could be more perfect in this chilly weather than sipping a cup of hot cocoa topped with frozen whipped cream? Freezing and storing little-whipped cream dollops can add extra rich and creaminess to your warm drinks. Just pop them into your coffee or hot chocolate anytime you want!

See how Christine Gallary does it!

Wrap a Present Like a Pro

If you want a quick budget hacks for wrapping presents. Skip expensive wrapping paper and buy plain white paper and decorate it with ribbon that pops (you can also decorate it with a sharpie or a festive stamp). Then add a sprig of holly, bells, or anything else that’ll give it a minimalist yet decorative look.

Pumpkin Snowman

If you have artificial pumpkins (or if you can still buy them at the store), reuse them to make snowmen. Simply paint the pumpkin white, add some ribbons, and turn them into snowmen who welcome your guests as they enter your home. They look cute and are perfect decoration for your home entryway.

DIY Gift Wrap Hack

Seriously, there’s no reason to buy expensive wrapping paper when it will all go in the trash afterward. Why not make your own Christmas wrapping paper and add a personal touch. All you need is craft paper, a stamp pad, and a pencil. Use the eraser end of the pencil as a stamp for the dots, and you’re ready to go. You can also make other designs that you want.

Cookie Decorating Hack

Baked goods, especially cookies, play an important role in the holiday season. And if you’re hosting a cookie decorating party for kids, your kitchen will probably get messy real quick. So try putting your icing in an easy to squeeze ketchup bottle. Your kitchen will stay tidy and the kids can decorate the cookies easier.

Festive Chandelier

Turn your chandelier into something festive by adding a few Christmas ornaments. You can use snowflakes, balls, little Santas, or anything that you want for your whimsical chandelier. Tie them with a ribbon and you’re ready to go!

Hot Glue Snowflakes

Lastly, add some decoration to your window by creating snowflakes with the help of a hot glue gun. Print a snowflake pattern, tape it onto your window and trace the pattern with the glue on the other side.


Wrap cinnamon sticks around a candle to create a warm and delicious scent for your home!

The holidays are always a time for fun and enjoyment. There’s no reason to be stressed out when you have some awesome time saving tips and decor hacks. So give them a try and have an awesome Christmas!

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