6 Habits of Highly Stylish People

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You’ve seen them and you want to be them: that person walking effortlessly down the street, wearing an amazing outfit and exuding an ineffable joie de vivre.

“Some people can pull anything off effortlessly!” You exclaim to a friend. But no, you can do it too.

You just have to have the right attitude and guidelines to follow. So here are a few tips to step up your style game and look incredible effortlessly.

1. When in doubt, overdress

Going somewhere and not sure what the dress code is?

Here’s a secret: when in doubt, always overdress.

Don’t worry about feeling out of place. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed anyway! It’ll make you stand out—but in a good way.

Just be sure to know the difference between “overdress” and “overdone.“

“Overdone” means trying too hard whereas overdressing just means looking sharp and being ready for any social engagement by presenting your best self.

2. Plan outfits ahead of time

Capsule wardrobes are all the rage, and it’s no wonder why!

Everyone is able to mix and match their clothing into various cute outfits, but sometimes you’re short on time.

In order to be flawlessly put-together every day, set out your outfit the night before.

That way, you don’t feel frazzled and unsure about your outfit when you actually put it on. This will help you relax and look natural.

3. Buy quality essentials

Start off by investing in quality classics that can be used in multiple outfits.

A good pair of classic sunglasses, a quality leather purse, and a smart pair of shoes are three items that can make any outfit look great.

4. Find a tailor

Well-fitting clothes are a must. I repeat, well-fitting clothes are a MUST.

But in a time when the same size fits differently at each clothing brand you visit, it can be difficult to find clothing that actually fits!

The answer? Tailoring. (Seriously, it’s not as expensive as you think!)

Simply shop for your largest body part, and everything else can be taken in. This is especially helpful if you’re between sizes.

Sometimes garments can be let out as well, using the extra space in the zipper or side seam.

5. Accentuate one feature

A bold red lipstick or a fun eyeshadow color can change your entire look. Just don’t go overboard and make sure to choose one feature to accentuate at a time.

6. Don’t mix patterns

Make sure not to mix patterns! You can play with your clothing’s colors, but don’t go for more than one pattern.

So for instance, stay away from stripes with florals.

It can help to designate one pattern and choose colors that are going to compliment it.

Style is far from an innate quality; it can also be learned.

And with these tips, you can be more confident and stylish in clothes that fit you—both on the outside and the inside!

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