7 Habits of Actual Makeup Artists That You Need to Try

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A good makeup artist is the one who follows beauty regimes to keep their client’s skin healthy and their work, professional. Everyone is a makeup artist on social media these days but putting on decent makeup and looking good doesn’t make you necessarily a good makeup artist. It takes practice along with some consistent habits to help you excel in your profession.

Makeup artists know all the ins and outs of their field and their knowledge and experiences will reflect this in their habits. Don’t judge a makeup artist solely based on their Instagram profile, look for what protocols they follow. And the following are some habits of actual makeup artists.

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Go through the ingredients: Makeup has direct contact with the skin, so it is extremely important that the ingredients used in it are not reactive or damaging to the skin. Many makeup artists make sure of that prior to buying any makeup.

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Avoid overusing foundation: One thing that makeup artists do is to put on a thin layer of foundation to let their features stand out. This is something everyone should learn from makeup artists to prevent their face from looking caky.

Stay clean: No one would want to let unclean hands touch their face and suffer a breakout. Thus, makeup artists keep hand sanitizer and wipes with them at all times in case they have to do makeup on the go.

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Rinse brushes: Makeup artists cannot get new makeup brushes for every other client obviously. So, they soak the brushes in soapy water so that the remains of makeup are washed away. Clean and unclean brushes make a huge difference in having healthy skin.

Putting fingers in bottles: Your hands have germs on them and putting them in makeup makes everything unhygienic. So for this very reason, makeup artists make use of tools so they can avoid any contact with their hands.

Lighting: Lighting plays a huge role in how your makeup will look. Correct lightening is the key to end up with a flawless look. Your features might look different under a different light, so it is important that makeup for a day event is done differently than a night event.

Take no inspiration from magazine models: You don’t have to go heavy with the contouring and all the different layers of makeup. Go for something more subtle and simple that brings out your features!

If you love makeup, then give these habits a try yourself! They’ll definitely help you out and make you feel more confident! 

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