10 Seriously Awesome Ways You Need to be Using Your Blender

Written by Grace & Silas

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Many of us tend to buy a blender for the sole purpose of making healthy refreshing smoothies for hot days. But right after the summer season, we tend to keep our blender in the cabinet and let it collect’s dust. Sounds familiar right? So many of us do this, but there are plenty of ways we could be using our blender.

And that’s why I’ve decided to show you some great uses for your blender so you know what it can really do. These are practical tips that’ll save you time and lots of money. So check them out and let me know what you think!

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Fluffy Omelets

Pair up your healthy smoothies with a fluffy omelet to make your breakfast a restaurant quality meal. By throwing in your eggs, a tablespoon of heavy cream or whole milk, salt, and pepper into your blender, you can effortlessly make a super-fluffy omelet. Add some grated cheese for extra flavor and enjoy your breakfast!

Make Your Own Spices

Keep your mortar and pestle in the cabinet and use your blender instead! All you have to do is put your dried spices (chilis, peppercorn, garlic, etc.) into your blender and pulse until you’ve have your desired consistency. In a short time, you’ll have better-tasting spices than what you get at the store  (and it’s cheaper!). You can also do the same for your dried herbs to add an aromatic flavor.

Don’t Just Have a Normal Smoothie

When we think of smoothies, we usually just think about fruits and yogurt and/or milk blended into a creamy consistency. But many of us stop there. So why not add some collagen protein powder to benefit you nails, hair, and skin? Or how about some vitamins to make sure you’re getting a drink packed with everything you need?

Pulled Meat Sandwiches in a Flash

You can actually use your blender to shred your chicken, beef, or pork meat, and it only takes seconds to pull apart. Now  recipes that require shredding meat won’t take long time!

Homemade Whipped Cream

Did you know that all you need to make a fresh whipped cream is a cup of heavy cream, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and optional honey or sugar for taste? Mix them in your blender for a few minute on high-speed until you see fluffy peaks. The moment you get it out of your blender, you’ll love its taste and consistency.

Easy Pancakes

The next time you make your all-time favorite pancakes, be sure to use your blender to mix your batter quickly. The mixture will come together easier and be very well mixed, plus you’ll have a handy pitcher for pouring. You can also do the same for your waffles and crepe mixtures.

Shred and Chop Veggies with Ease

In case you’re hosting a party at home and have no time left for chopping your veggies, I highly suggest you take your blender out, throw your veggies in, and leave all the work to the humble appliance. The moment you’ve prepared your table, your salad will be ready.

Zesty Lemonade

To make one, add a bunch of lime (optional) and lemons to your blender. Put some water and sugar and blend. Wait until the lemon starts to separate and the drain the juice after. For additional taste, you can add sweetened condensed milk for extra creaminess.

Salad Dressing

If you want an awesome salad dressing, then definitely make one with the blender! It can finely blend all your herb, spices, vinegar, and oil quickly and effortlessly. Also, a blender is especially handy for creamy dressings like homemade caesar salad.

DIY Body Scrub

Now, if you think your blender is already amazing, think again. Your blender can also create body scrubs that will make your skin feel amazing. Just combine your favorite all-natural oils (it can be lavender, peppermint, coconut oil, citrus, etc.) with sea salt, sugar, or another ingredient. In less than five minutes, you’ll have a refreshing and moisturizing scrub.

Whether you already have or you’re planning to buy a blender, these tips, and hacks will definitely widen your options for how you use one. They’ve got you covered from food prepping to cooking and creating your favorite drinks. It’s amazing how versatile a blender can be. So why not get one and try out these ideas and let me know what you think!

Now, if you have other blender tips that can be added to the list, comment down below. I’d love to hear from you!


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