10 Pressure Cooker Hacks That’ll Make Cooking Faster & Easier

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There’s probably a lot of helpful appliances in your kitchen, but for now, let’s focus on your pressure cooker. Whether you received it as a gift or you got it yourself, your pressure cooker is one of the most helpful kitchen appliances you can have. It can prep a delicious meal quickly and be used as a multi-cooker.

Having said that, I’ve gathered some of the best tips and hacks to make your pressure cooker experience amazing. These pressure cooker ideas will make cooking so much easier. So check them out and let me know what you think!

Make Fresh Bread in Minutes

Did you know that you can make fresh bread even without a bread maker? Just grab your pressure cooker and make your dough based on your preferred recipe. Just put the dough in your cooker, and when twenty minutes is up, you’ll have a warm loaf, ready to be sliced and eaten.

Pressure Cooker Mulled Cider (or Wine)

Throwing a party at home? Why not impress your guests and make your own mulled cider (or wine if you drink) using your pressure cooker. Similar to the process of making dips and sauces, mix the contents well and leave in the cooker for 1 minute at high pressure. Afterwards, pour into a bottle to chill in your fridge or serve hot. Once you’re ready, serve in glasses and add a pinch of fresh orange and/or nutmeg. Just be sure to make a big batch since it’ll definitely be a crowd pleaser.

Pressure Cook Frozen Meat

Who say’s you need to defrost your frozen meat first before cooking them when your pressure cooker has got you covered? Just add your frozen meat to the pressure cooker, cover with water and leave all the work to your pressure cooker. After a little bit, you’ll have a tender meat.

See cooking times here for certain meats.

Instant Sauces and Dips

Applesauce, salsa, spinach artichoke dip, barbecue sauce, black bean dip and more. You can make so many different kinds of sauces and dips with your pressure cooker! Just place the ingredients in the pressure cooker and stir to combine. Select high pressure and set cook time for 4 minutes. After the timer beeps, you won’t need to buy any sauces and dips from the store anymore.

Cook Pasta Directly in the Sauce

For this one, all you have to do is cook your sauce first, and when done, add your pasta and cook for seven to eight minutes. Allow the cooker to cool, release pressure, then top with cheese! I think this is the quickest way to cook spaghetti.

Butternut Squash

Butternut squash can be super hard to peel. And even when you’ve tried your best, it seems almost impossible to peel off. Thankfully though, your pressure cooker can do the heavy lifting in just 5 minutes. You just have to cut the butternut sqaush into halves, scoop the seeds out and cut into wedges. Put into the cooker, add some water and cook for five minutes. Then you can easily take out the squash and use it for your recipe.

Brown and Caramelize Your Ingredients First

Want to deepen the flavor of your pressure cooker recipes? Then try browning or caramelized the ingredients in a pan before putting into the cooker. The flavors of the browned/caramelized meat, vegetables, or garlic will make your dish taste amazing!

Pressure Cook Cheesecake

Who would thought that you can make a cheesecake using your pressure cooker? With the same process as making an ordinary cheesecakes, all you have to do is firmly press your crust into the bottom of the cooker (use a small spoon for the edges), put the filling in and watch as your dessert finish in 20 minutes!

Don’t Use Thickeners

Make it a habit to avoid adding thickening ingredients like flour, cornstarch, prepared sauces, or canned cream soups in your pressure cooker recipe whenever cooking. The cooker needs to reach pressure and if you put thickeners in, it’ll make it difficult to boil and prevent it from reaching the pressure. Instead, simmer the thickener in a pot over the stove then add it when the pressure cooking is finished.

I hope these pressure cooker hacks can help you get the best out of your handy appliance! So definitely try them out, and let me know what you think!

Now if you have any questions about these pressure cooker hacks and tips, just let me know in the comments below! I’d love to help you out!

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