10 Genius Hacks for People Who Love Their Slow Cooker

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While there are plenty of kitchen appliance in your home right now, the slow cooker is probably the most helpful. From cooking dishes on holidays to weekly freezer meals, this handy cooker has got you covered. It feels like you’re not really cooking when using a slow cooker.

And because many of you loved my previous post on slow cooker hacks, I decided to do another roundup. Down below are some smart tips and tricks that’ll have you using your slow cooker like a pro. Not only will it save you time, but it will also help you get the most out of your money. So check them out and let me know what you think!

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Dried Spices are Better

Don’t spend too much on buying fresh basil, oregano, parsley, or other herbs when using your slow cooker. The aroma, texture, and colors will completely disappear when you cook them in liquid for long hours. Instead, get dried herbs and save money.

Put Dairy, Pasta, and Cooked Beans on the End

When cooking a slow cooker recipe that requires dairy, pasta, and/or cooked beans, make sure you add these ingredients always last. This will prevent them from getting mushy due to the long period of cooking on high heat.

Instant Programmable Slow Cooker

If you want to have an instant programmable slow cooker that lets you set the cook time and temperature you want, then this plug-in attachment is something you need. It works well and is compatible with any slow cooker and will save you so much stress.

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Don’t Open the Lid Unless You Have To – Then Add 30

Refrain yourself from opening the lid of your slow cooker unless your recipe requires you to stir during the cooking process. Every time you remove the lid from your slow cooker, make the cooking time longer due to the lost heat. It’ll need another 30 minutes to regain the lost heat.

Rescue Runny Soups & Sauces

On the contrary, if you notice that your soup and sauces have become runny, remove the lid quickly. This will reduce the liquid content giving you a much thicker and better consistency.

Choose Bigger and Fattier Cuts of Meat

Large and fattier cuts of meat like short ribs, shanks, or shoulder, are best for slow cooker recipes. They cook slowly, at a low temperature, and the fat melts into the meat which keeps the meat moist and delicious

Make Slow Cook Lasagna

Did you know that you can also make baked pasta dishes in your slow cooker? All you have to do is make a layering, just like how you do with lasagna, top with cheese, and set the timer. It’ll be ready before your guests arrive and taste delicious.

Try Making a Homemade Potpourri

Also, use your slow cooker to make some homemade potpourri that’s perfect for the holiday season. Just combine all your favorite scents in the pot, bring to a boil in your cooker, and get ready for your house to smell AMAZING.

Keep Food Warm

Of course, who wouldn’t want to have some warm and satisfying soup for dinner right? And to quickly serve warm meals, put your slow cooker on the dinner table and plug it in. Then you can serve warm soup and never worry about it getting cold before it’s ready to be eaten.

Make Some Brownies

If you’re only using your slow cooker for dinner recipe, then you’re missing out. Seriously, you can actually make desserts like brownies in your slow cooker. Just whisk altogether all the ingredients in a bowl, pour the brownie mixture into the cooker, and set for 3 hours (don’t forget to grease it!).

Whether you already have a slow cooker or you’re planning on getting one, having these ten smart hacks will definitely save you time and expand your slow cooker recipe list. They’re all easy to do and make your life a bit easier. So definitely try them out, and let me know what you think!

Now if you have any questions about these tips, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to help you out!

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