10 Cold Weather Clothing Hacks You Need to Try This Year

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Fog’s in the air, cold breezes are starting up, snow is just around the corner (or already there!) and there’s no doubt the cold season is finally here. It’s the time of year again where the temperature drops and everything feels chilly. But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to be.

Here are someΒ cold season clothing hacks that can help you survive the frigid fall/winter months. They’ll keep you warm inside and help you still look fashionable on the outside. Though it may take a few months before you can get rid of the cold weather, knowing these tips and tricks can help you stay cozy and cute the entire season. So check them out, bookmark this page, and let me know what you think!

Warm Your Clothes Before Putting Them On

First and foremost, before you wear any cold weather clothes, try to warm up them first. Simply go over them with your blow dryer or throw them in the clothing dryer. Warm all your inner layers and even your pants. You’ll be thankful later!

Unshrink a Sweater

Sometimes accidents happen in your laundry and your favorite sweater suddenly shrink. Before you dump that knit in the donation pile, here’s a super simple way to save it. Mix lukewarm water and baby shampoo in your sink halfway full and let your sweater soak for ten minutes. This will relax your clothing’s fibers and make it easy for you to stretch it out. Drain the sink after and keep it flat until it dries.

Use a Pumice Stone to Get Rid of Clothing Pills

Your jackets, sweater, and pants can get pills over time. But another way to save your cute cold weather clothing is to use a pumice stone. Just lightly run the pumice stones over the pilled area to quickly restore the surface to its former smoothness. It only takes a few minutes to fix your clothes and give them the new look again.

You can easily get a pumice stone here!

Clean Matted Suede with a Gentle Bristle Toothbrush

Almost nothing looks as nice in this cold winter season than a suede fur jacket. But they can easily get dirty, so here’s a quick way to fix it!

Choose a gentle bristle toothbrush, start brushing the entire surface of your jacket, and be mindful not to rub too hard. Your suede is delicate. In a little time, your jacket will look almost brand new.

Make a Beanie From Your Old Jacket (No-Sew!)

Another DIY project that you could make in this cold season is a cute beanie. If you have piles of old jackets in your closet, try turning them into something more useful like a beanie. Start by cutting into the sweater right under the armpit, and go all the way across. Wrap it around your head to check the fittings and then cut off the excess fabric. No sewing required, just glue all the ends and voila, you’re done! You’re saving your old clothes and saving money as well.

DIY Flannel Blanket Scarf

Of course who wouldn’t love a scarf to complete their winter outfit? And did you know that you can easily make one using a DOLLAR STORE flannel blanket? Grab your scissors, cut the blanket into a scarf length-wise and trim the edges. Style it however you want when you where it and you’re ready to head out into the winter wonderland.

Put Your Wet Mittens in the Microwave

Whether you’ve played in the snow or shoveled the snow from your driveway, your mittens will probably get soaked. To quickly get rid of the moisture from your wet mittens, place it in your microwave for a minute (or more if needed). You’ll have warm and dry gloves in no time using this trick.

Cut Out Felt for Your Shoes

A great way to keep your feet warm (without having to purchase clunky big shoes/boots), is to cut out felt in the shape of your shoe’s soles. Then place them inside and you’re ready to go!

Hang Your Leather Clothing

Leather jackets are kind of a staple for the cold weather season. They’re good heat conductors and feel comfortable on the chilly days. To make them look great and avoid creases, don’t fold them. Instead hang them on a pants hanger and use business cards or tissue paper to protect the jaket from hanger clamp indents.

Water Proof Any Pair of Shoes

Now, to complete your overall winter look, make your shoes waterproof! Just rub the beeswax on your shoes, make sure to apply over the entire space and blow dry to seal the deal. Now you won’t worry if it rains or if icy water will splash on your shoes!

Now, whether you’re staying at home or going outside, these cold weather clothing hacks will keep you warm and cozy. And not to mention, they’ll give you a stylish look and comfortable winter experienced. So implement them, stay snug, and let me know what you think.

Now if you have any questions, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to help you out!

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