8 Cold Weather Hacks You Should Read this Winter

Written by Grace & Silas

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If you’ve faced days where you can’t even get yourself out of bed because it’s too cold, then these winter hacks are for you.

Apply them in your daily life and see how much easier it is to live in the winter.

Waterproof your shoes

Usually during snowy winters, you might stash away your regular canvas shoes. But did you know that by rubbing candle wax on the soles of your shoes, and then melting the wax by blow-drying, the wax can create a waterproof layer?

This way you can wear the shoes outside your house and remain in style.

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Warm-up your clothes

If you have a hairdryer then you can warm up your socks before wearing them. You can even put your pajamas in the dryer to give you that cozy feeling.

Weatherproof your bike

If you are a college student on a budget and need to use your bike, then try tying zip ties around the tires which will give them extra grip.

Make old sweaters new again

Taking out your old sweaters for winter and then finding them covered in pills and fluff can be extremely disappointing. But using a razor to softly take them off can make it look like new!

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Upcycle your old socks

Get your old adult-sized socks out and cut off the feet part to make arm and leg warmers for yourself this winter. This hack can be utilized for getting that extra warmth under your coat, jacket or pants.

Car hacks

Put old socks on your wipers to keep them from sticking. You can also use plastic bags to cover your side mirrors.

To protect your windscreen, you can cover it with a rug whenever you park it for a long period of time (usually overnight).


Natural remedies for a cold can be made with honey. It’s been shown to be a good cough suppressant for children over the age of two.

Easily stock up on honey here!

Trap heat in your house

To do this you can turn on the ceiling fan at a low setting to recirculate the warm rising air. You can also leave the door of the oven open after you bake.

And lastly, another way to prevent heat from escaping the house is to use old quilts as curtains.

Try to mix and match these hacks and incorporate them into your daily routine. If you live in a very cold area, be sure to try some of these hacks for a smooth, fun, and warmer winter.


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