3 Things That Will Make You Happy Vol. 1

Grace Moser

It’s a Monday and Mondays kind of bring on this feeling of anxiousness.

There’s a lot to get done and people are depending on us.

So I thought I would start creating small lists of things that will make you just a bit happier as this week begins. 

So let’s start. 🙂

This elephant rescuer is getting some love and cuddles from a baby elephant. 

I love elephants, they are such gentle sweet animals, and someday, I’d love to help out at an elephant sanctuary like this. 

Also, just watching this video makes my day better. ♥️ 

This Little Baby Says I Love You to His Father Who’s Copying His Lip Movements

Honestly, I kind of get a stress release when I watch such sweet things like this. 

It’s a baby and the father connecting and it’s perfectly wholesome. 🙂

If you’re having a rough day (or even a good day), you should make these perfect chocolate chip cookies by Pinch of Yum.

I make them every year and I’ve even had a friend tell me that these were the best chocolate chip cookies they had ever had.

Also they’re really quick to make which makes them perfect for a busy Monday evenings. 👍 

Have a good rest of your Monday. 🙂

PS – This Italian Food Bucket List might make the rest of your week a lot whole better. I made #2 and it was 👍.

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