8 Tips from People Who Have Perfect Legs

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Getting your legs in great shape is one of the best things you can do for your confidence. We work our legs every day, it’s just that we don’t do it with any kind of plan. So, here are some tips from girls who have perfect legs and actually had a plan on how to get them.

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1. Do exercises right, not fast

Newbies think quick repetition is what builds muscle, but they’re wrong. Quick and light exercises simply tire out your muscles without achieving anything in the long run. So instead, do a single repetition; if it makes your muscles burn or tremble, then you’re on the right path.

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2. Keep your exercises simple

You don’t need a gym membership to get amazing leg muscles. In fact, you don’t even need any kind of tool or equipment for it. If you’re in an apartment with a flight of stairs, run up and down on your tippy toes whenever you get the chance. Remove all the prerequisites for exercising and just do it without thinking.

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3. Have plenty of rest in between sets

With tip #1 in mind, it’s important to know your body and not overdo your legs. Newbies think that using the biggest weights and doing repetitions as fast as possible leads to great legs, but that can actually lead to injuries. So avoid injuries by having plenty of rest, as suggested by a study that showed women who rested between sets found it “beneficial for reducing fatigue”.

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4. Do squats

Squats are probably one of the simplest, most rewarding leg exercises. You can do squats wherever there’s standing room and they activate your legs, buttocks, and your core using your own weight. So instead of bending your spine to pick up something, slowly get into a squat and grab it that way. 

5. Go sprinting

Cardio is a necessary part of any workout routine. The best cardio is to sprint by doing 15-second bursts at maximum speed and resting in between.

6. Take care of your knees

When your knees start disagreeing with your exercise, they will let you know. The knee joint wears out the more we use it, leading to pain. Slowly warm up your body when doing exercises and listen for signs of discomfort or pain; when they appear, take a break.

7. Eat plenty of protein

When you exercise, your muscles get tiny tears, which the body repairs using protein. Eat plenty of protein to gain muscle mass, meaning lean meat, fish, or even protein supplements. Avoid things like white flour and sugar, which simply adds fat to your body.

8. There’s no such thing as spot reduction

If you’re doing leg exercises in hopes of chasing away that one ugly spot on your leg(s), that’s not going to happen. Training your leg muscles (with cardio and strength training) will make them better-looking over time but there’s no exercise to target any particular spot.

Getting perfect legs isn’t that hard, as long as you know how to pace yourself. Find exercises you love doing and do them in small bursts that don’t cause you discomfort or pain.

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