8 Things You Should Always Do While Intermittent Fasting

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Intermitted fasting (or IF) is one of the trendiest diet plans of today’s world, and very popular with many known people. Even a study has shown that intermittent fasting is not only efficient for losing weight but also helpful in fighting certain chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Intermittent fasting may not be the easiest diet plan in the world, but it can be a great way to lose weight and promote better health once you proceed with caution. And if you want to start an IF plan, you’d better check the following list of the 8 things you should always do while fasting.

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First, visit a physician: Intermittent fasting is not a risk-free diet plan, so be cautious and get advice from a professional. If you’re at risk for serious health problems or already have a medical condition (and even if you don’t), don’t act by yourself. Check your blood rates and talk to your physician about your plan before starting IF. 

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Eating high-quality foods: Once you start an IF diet, you’ll have limited time for eating. Make sure you spend this time wisely; go for filling yet low-calorie foods that are rich in fiber and protein. Include raw veggies and fruits which have a high amount of water.

Stay hydrated: Like many other diet plans, drinking water should be your top priority while intermittent fasting. And the good news is, you can drink water as much as you want during the fast. So, don’t keep yourself dehydrated and drink water all throughout the day.

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Take vitamins: Since you’re on an IF diet, your food intake will be limited. To avoid possible health problems, make sure you take your vitamins daily. Vitamins in liquid form may be easier to absorb for you in an IF diet, but consult your doctor to decide which vitamin supplements you should take beforehand.

Choose the best IF diet plan for yourself: There are many intermittent fasting plans with different levels, but not all of them may be good for you. If you’re a starter, don’t be too harsh on yourself; start with something like the 12/12  IF plan (12 hours where you can eat, and 12 hours where you can’t). Listen to your body and how much it can take.

Avoid Stress: Your stress levels may go up while fasting because your mood and appetite can affect each other. This may cause anxiety and depression, so the wisest solution would be to avoid strenuous activities during the fast and focus more on relaxing and resting.

Know how to exercise: Exercising is allowed in intermittent fasting, but only if you do it correctly. Don’t exercise while fasting, you’ll have limited energy to spend. The biggest factor for losing weight in IF is your eating habits, so keep it moderate and do something easy like a walk.

Eat healthy fats: Eating healthy is the number one factor to get successful results in IF. However, this doesn’t mean you must follow a low-fat diet. Your body will need energy to work, so don’t be afraid of taking in healthy fats like Avocadoes and nuts.

If you want to use intermittent fasting for losing weight, then definitely give it a try! It’s honestly great, I’ve done it myself! Just make sure to talk to your doctor first.

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