8 Easy Ketogenic Hacks Every Beginner Needs to Know

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Whether you’re convinced by friends or family or just testing out the waters, going on the Ketogenic diet will definitely help you achieve your fitness goals. This diet will help you lose weight, get in shape and stay healthy.

And as you know, I previously made a post about keto hacks, but I’m always excited to share more. So if you’re curious about what the Keto diet is and what other tips I have when starting it, definitely check it out!

Down below are some more great tips and advice that will help you out on your weight loss journey. They aren’t complicated to follow and will help stay on your diet. So check them out and don’t forget to let me know what you think!

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1. Snack on High-Fat Foods

Did you know foods high in fat keep you feeling full for longer? This makes it perfect for the Keto lifestyle. Snacking on foods like avocados and nuts deliver a boatload of nutrients while keeping you fuller longer. So if you want to stick to your Keto diet plan, get rid of all the sweet and salty snacks and opt to go for a healthier choice.

2. Frozen Veggies

There’s no doubt frozen veggies and produce are one of the most convenient and cheapest items to get. You can get them in bulk from the grocery store, stock in your freezer, and defrost when needed. They require zero prep time and can be added instantly to your recipe. But what makes them more amazing is that frozen veggies have just as many nutrients as fresh vegetables.

3. Prefer Real Foods

The most natural and quickest way to get into the keto lifestyle is by choosing real foods over to processed foods. The health benefits are numerous when selecting whole grains, meats, fruits, vegetables, and non-homogenized dairy products instead of frozen pizza and meal-helpers. And of course, who wouldn’t want to have meals on the table that are fresh, nutritious and flavorful right? Nothing feels as good as when you’re treating your body right.

4. Eat Your Eggs

Eggs are a lifesaver when you’re on the Keto Diet. They’re easy to have and an inexpensive source of protein. They’re also one of the healthiest and most versatile foods in the Keto food pyramid. Boil, fry, or poach them; there are so many dishes you can add them to.

5. Go For Healthy Desserts

Who says ‘s being on the Keto Diet means skipping dessert when you can always have a sweet treat after the meal (as long as it’s low carb and healthy)? Try out some Keto friendly dessert recipes, like frozen fruit, full-fat yogurt, keto mug cakes, and more to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Make them in advance, freeze or store in your jars, and munch on them after you finish your meal. It’ll save you so much time and energy.

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6. Make Your Own Dressing and Condiments

Instead of buying unhealthy store dressings, why not choose healthier options and make homemade recipes as an alternatives? Though it may sound intimidating at first, the idea of making your own dressings and condiments can benefit your health so much. And don’t you worry about the recipes; Pinterest has got you covered for Keto friendly condiments and dressings.

7. Try Some Zoodles

Sub out your noodles and try using zucchini, sweet potato, butternut squash, and other veggies instead. They’re effortlessly easy to make and taste so good in any recipes. Also, when it comes to nutrition, they offer a ton of vitamins that will help you stick to your Keto Diet. Forget unhealthy noodles and try spiralizing veggie noodles.

8. Ditch Diet Drinks

Diet drinks are no good in your Keto Diet. Whether they are labeled zero sugar or zero calories, these drinks are still high in sugar content. Instead, choose water and tea as an alternative. If you want a more refreshing drink, add some citrus fruit, mint, and cucumber to your water for an instant delicious detoxing drink. It will cleanse your body effortlessly and can even help you lose weight.

To learn more about why you should ditch diet drinks on Keto, click here. And while we’re at it, if you want to know if can you drink milk on keto and take it in your tea, click here.

If you’re just starting out in your Keto diet, I hope these tips and tricks will help make things easier. They are the small steps that can lead you to a healthy lifestyle. So whatever your reason is for being on the Keto Diet, these hacks have you covered. So try them out and let me know what you think!

Now, If you have any questions about these Keto tips, comment down below. I’d love to help you out.

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  1. Also, stevia is a good alternative for other sugar substitutes because it does not cause an insulin response in the body. Other sugar substitutes do because your body treats them just like sugar.

  2. Finished Whole30 2 days ago and I’m starting Keto on Sunday. I have been drinking tons of Water, but to satisfy my cola craving I have been drinking LaCroix. These are good since they have no sugar or sweeteners, right?

  3. I have been on a form of the keto diet for a month now and the results are steady! The sweet craving after dinner is tough though I’ve been doing a almond milk got chocolate made with stevia. There are a few different recipes on pinterest but it’s definitely worth checking out! Thanks for this post!


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