7 Tips That’ll Make Your Hair Look Incredible (Without Going to the Salon)

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We all want our hair to look its best, and most of us spend a good deal of money on salon treatments to achieve our hair goals. But the good news is that there are many less-expensive alternatives that can give you incredible hair — and you won’t even have to step foot in a salon. So check out these great tips down below!

1. Prevent Hair Damage from the Elements

Sunlight and chlorine are two of the most common factors that can damage your hair – even more so when you’re going swimming in a chlorine-doused pool under the hot summer sun. So try to use hair products that have sunscreen in them for maximum hair protection. You can also wear a hat if you’re going to the beach or spending a lot of time outdoors. And if you want to take a swim, make sure to wear a swimming cap or apply a chlorine-resistant oil to your hair.

2. Treat Your Hair With Care

Hair is fragile, and should therefore be handled with care. Running a brush roughly through your hair may untangle it, but it will also cause damage in the process. Keep in mind that tangled and tied hair is more prone to breakage, so you could end up with damaged ends and thinning hair if you don’t handle it gently. When pulling your hair back, use a soft hair tie instead of tight elastics. It’s also a good idea to use a detangling comb or a detangling spray when your hair has knots. 

3. Healthy Diet Means Healthy Hair

A nutrient-rich diet can benefit the body as a whole, so it should come as no surprise that it can also support healthy hair. Consuming foods rich in hair-friendly vitamins and minerals will make your hair look shiny and voluminous, allowing you to create many different styles without worrying about hair fall. But you might also consult your dermatologist for supplements that will help your hair. 

4. Invest in a Silk Pillowcase

Buying a silk pillowcase is an excellent investment that comes with many benefits for your hair. Rough cotton pillowcases cause friction and absorb moisture from your hair, causing damage and breakage, especially if you’re tossing and turning at night. But a softer material like silk is a much gentler option.

5. Use DIY Hair Masks

Simple ingredients in your kitchen may very well be just what your hair needs. DIY hair masks can deliver low-cost, rich nourishment to your hair. You could also apply some quality oils and leave them in your hair for a few hours for a deep treatment. Coconut oil, olive oil, and argan oil are some great options to try. Be sure to massage your scalp before oiling and wrap a warm towel around your head afterward for maximum absorption.

6. Use the Right Products

Even if it appears that your go-to products aren’t damaging your hair, it’s still worth taking a second look at what you’re using regularly. Damage is a gradual process that builds up over time, and then the consequences appear all at once. So when applying products to your hair, make sure you know the ingredients.

For example, don’t buy shampoos that contain sulfates. Many hair products contain sulfates, and the results of using products with harsh chemicals can be detrimental to your hair. Instead, consider buying organic products with few to no chemicals. And you might have to experiment with a few products to find the one that suits your hair type, texture, and length.

7. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Shocking as that may sound, you don’t have to wash your hair daily. Thick hair can often go four to five days without a wash, and fine hair looks fabulous even if you wash it every other day. Frequent washing does the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve: it strips the hair of natural oils that nourishes it, making your hair look dry and more prone to damage.

If your hair is greasy, using dry shampoo can help you address oil buildup at the scalp. And, if your hair is feeling particularly lifeless and lacking volume, consider using clip-in extensions by ZALA. These Remy human hair extensions will instantly add volume and length to your hair and can be shaped into virtually any style you have in mind.

There are so many hair tips and tricks on the internet, but I hope that this advice is able to help you understand more about how to take care of your hair. So give a few of these ideas a try this week and see how it goes!

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