7 Habits of Women Who Have No Belly Fat

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Starving for the whole day or running in the gym every once in a while won’t help with that belly fat. You need the right combination of habits, routines, and diet to see a big difference. Once you make it a habit to follow some healthy regimes, it won’t feel like you’re making an effort to do something, It’ll come off naturally. And fortunately, there have been proven strategies that can make your belly fat go away. So don’t worry, the following habits are doable and easy to follow.

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Basically… you don’t need to diet to lose weight and can STILL go to McDonald’s.

Intermittent fasting: This a method in which you don’t eat for a certain amount of hours in a day. When your body doesn’t get food as a source of energy, it starts utilizing existing fats as a fuel and that’s when you start losing fat from your belly. 

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Sleep cycle: No matter how many times you’ve heard this before, sleeping on time is very crucial for your health, so don’t think of it as something you can get by without. People who sleep less than 5 hours put on 2.5 times more weight than the others.

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Fun not Fat: next time you go out with a group of friends, you’ll notice that in the excitement, you always consume way more than you would have alone. One way to prevent this is to order first and order healthy. Chances are, others will follow you and order light as well.

Green tea: always make yourself a cup of green tea whenever you’re feeling a little hungry or always order tea for yourself instead of dessert when hanging out with friends. It’s a great drink for losing weight.

Say no to diet sodas: you may have switched to diet sodas thinking its less sugary and that might be true, but it has other side effects. There is a significant increase in your waistline if you’re a regular diet soda drinker. So if you want that belly fat gone, get rid of this habit.

Mindfulness: keep track of how much you’re eating and when you’re eating. Health apps can do this for you if you’re too busy. Try eating food without a distraction like Netflix or scrolling through social media because that way, you end up eating less.

Cut carbs out: low carb diets lead to two or three times more weight loss than other low-fat diets. Low carb diets affect your abdominal fat first which is what you’ve been wanting. So try getting rid of things like white bread and sugar and you’re good to go!

These habits might look like a lot of work but once you get the hang of it, its easy!





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