7 Habits of Women Who Never Gain Weight

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Hey, I just wanted to let you know that if you’ve been struggling with weight, that you’re not alone. I’m here for you and here to help you. 🙂

Because I understand it, it’s not easy! 

There have been SO many times I wanted to give up because it felt like I couldn’t stick with any weight loss plan. My weight kept fluctuating and so did my confidence. And especially since I love food. 😅

But I’ve also learned over the years that it’s not just about getting rid of bad habits but putting good ones in their place. Because if you’re CONSTANTLY saying no and denying yourself, then the bad habits will fall right back into that empty space where good habits should have gone.

And right now, I’m going to help you figure out what habits you need to take on so that you’re successful with your weight loss. 🙂

Top tip! It’s important to know what your ideal weight range is for your height. Otherwise, you won’t know if you actually need to lose weight, and if so, by how much. If you’re an adult, you can use this adult’s BMI calculator here to discover your healthy weight range.

Quick Side Note Before You Begin: If you have have any weight loss tips that have PERSONALLY worked for you, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear about them!

1. They schedule, and here’s why.

I feel like it can be SO easy to just eat whenever and snack whenever. I mean, why does it matter? Why do you or I need to schedule when we eat?

Well here’s why eating your meals at set times is super important:

  1. It helps you stick to a calorie allowance.
  2. Keeps your energy levels up so that you’re more likely to burn calories.
  3. Minimizes cravings for sugary or fatty foods throughout the day.

Doing this honestly is great because if you skip a meal, you’re more likely to overeat and crave unhealthy foods. Or if you have set meals but you’re ok with snacking throughout the day, then that just means more calories.

So definitely make sure you’re sticking to a schedule. 🙂

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2. They use greens in creative ways. 

Guys, I used to think this was gross. 😅

But when I was dating my now husband, he wanted to try lettuce tacos so… because I was kind of totally into him, we did it. And you know what? It was actually REALLY good. I was surprised!

The lettuce in place of the taco had a great crunch and added this fresh complex to it (that I didn’t expect) and didn’t taste bad… AT ALL. 

So before you say, “Nope, not for me,” give it a try with your tacos or burger (or other dishes that carbs could be subbed out). 

And if it doesn’t work, then I give you permission to throw it away and leave a comment letting me know that my idea was horrible. 😂

3. Information is their best friend.

These people stay up to date when it comes to learning about the best tips for weight loss.

But, you NEED to be careful who you read or listen to when it comes to weight loss.

There are so many influencers claiming to be “experts” that will give really dumb advice so I’d suggest doing some research and finding people who are certified in giving lots of nutritional tips.

Now you might be like, “Well then, why am I reading from you? Aren’t you doing the same thing?” Nope! I don’t claim to be an expert, and the tips that I give in this post have been highly researched and taken from legitimate resources. Also, I don’t make it my full time job to tell you about all the new “health secrets and tips.”

But here’s how you can tell if someone is actually legit: If they are a dietitian. Dietitians actually have degrees and certifications making them a reliable source of information. However, when it comes to nutritionists, I would be careful.  Being a nutritionist does require different qualifications as well, however, there are plenty of people on the internet calling themselves one without any qualifications. 

So unless they talk about their qualifications or degrees somewhere on their site, I would proceed with caution.

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of your weight loss, check out our Weight Loss Planner here!

4. They use this mind. trick.

The body can take up to 20 minutes to realize it’s full, so they do two things:

  1. They eat slow. Eating fast can make it so that you eat more than you can. So eating slow and giving your body 20 minutes to let you know when it’s full will help you cut down on calorie intake.
  2. When you use a bigger plate and fill it up to its capacity, you often feel like you need to finish what’s on your plate.. well, at least I do! So try using a smaller plate so that you don’t feel like you have to finish everything and if you’re still hungry after 20 minutes, you can always refill it. 🙂

5. Liquid calories are not your friend.

It can be so easy to eat some healthy meals, but then give into sugary and/or creamy drinks.

And here’s the problem with that: drinks are SO quickly consumed and don’t really fill you. Which means you go for more and therefore take in more calories. But what’s crazy about this is that a lot of these drinks contain the same amount of calories as a full meal. 

So make sure that you start cutting back on how many drinks you have in a day or the type of drinks. 🙂

6. They figure out WHY they eat.

Now I’ve talked more about this in my post on 9 tips I’ve learned on my weight loss journey, but being mindful about why you eat can be a HUGE game changer.

I found that I would eat because I was believing in a lie that I had no self-control or because I had a lack mentality. And this just means that I felt like there was never enough of something (in this case food), so I had to eat more than I needed. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be enough for me later or I would never have this again.

But that wasn’t real. The truth was that I could have that meal again later and there was MORE than enough for me. So I’d encourage you to find the reasons why you eat, and put the truth in place of the lie.

7. They don’t settle for less in this way.

I feel like one of the biggest misconceptions is that if you lose weight, you have to eat boring meals and have it take a TON of time out of your day to prep them. But the truth is, the internet is FULL of incredible recipes that feel like you’re cheating. I would know! TikTok and Pinterest are great places to look.

Also, there are so many hacks out there for doing meal prepping and saving yourself a lot of time throughout the week. That way you’re not tempted to do takeout or eat something quick and unhealthy.

You get to put the power back in your hands when it comes to weight loss. You don’t need to let someone tell you to eat boring meals or waste time on prepping. You have full control over this and I think that’s pretty cool!

8. Bonus – They figure out what works for them.

And on that note, when it comes to losing weight, I feel like it’s important to find ways to move your body that YOU like.

I don’t really like going to the gym or doing home exercises. But, I do like swimming and bicycling, and hiking (kind of). Or going for walks in pretty places. So find what works for you and have fun with it.

Again, you’re in control here! Also, here are some ideas:

  • Bicycling
  • Swimming
  • Dance party
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Hiking
  • Play Catch
  • Sports
  • Kayaking

These simple tips are great for losing weight or remaining at your healthy weight. But remember, not all weight gain is bad. So before you try any of these tips, remember to discover your healthy weight range first to see if you actually need to lose weight before proceeding. And if you’re not a fan of BMI (Body Mass Index), we have other calculators you can use to discover your healthy weight, such as our BAI (Body Adiposity Index) Calculator here.

PS – If you have have any weight loss tips that have PERSONALLY worked for you, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to hear about them!

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10 thoughts on “7 Habits of Women Who Never Gain Weight”

    • Well I understand that there are plenty of slim girls who don’t, but I also know that there are plenty of slim girls who do. That’s why I’m careful not saying “every slim girl does this” or “all slim girls do this.” Hope that makes sense! ^_^

    • I don’t do none of that. I never gained or lost weight. I am always steady between 60-63 KG.
      But I do eat healthy foods, and not touch the fatty ones with too much sugar, salt or oil.
      Also I drink lots of water and herbal teas.

  1. While this could be true for some it’s not very true for me.
    I’m someone in my late 40s who has maintained my weight since my early 20s. Had my kids in my 20s and having kids made me drop a lot of weight until I gradually regained it in my mid-late 30s.
    For me the key is eating real food as much as possible but when eating some treats enjoy them and savour them, enjoy whatever you eat, eat slowly, have breakfast and eat when hungry without stuffing yourself. You can have more food later and this is not your last meal :).
    Don’t diet as diets make me eat more and maintain moderate and enjoyable physical activities mainly outdoors.


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