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Discover whether or not you’re at your healthy weight by using this Body Mass Index calculator designed for people 21 years old and up.

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Wish the BMI Calculator took into account age and gender? Then see our BAI (Body Adiposity Index) Calculator here.

Shortcomings of BMI

While a BMI calculator can serve as a helpful guide, it’s important to note that it’s by no means perfect. Here are a few reasons why…

  1. In reality, not everyone’s “healthy” BMI will be the same.
  2. It doesn’t take into account the density differences between muscle and fat.
  3. It doesn’t take sex or age into consideration. For a calculator that does, see our BAI Calculator.
  4. It doesn’t take the distribution of fat into consideration.
  5. It isn’t suitable for everyone (e.g. pregnant women.)

How BMI Is Calculated

Adult BMI calculators are calculated slightly differently depending on whether you’re using a metric or imperial measurement.

  • For the metric system the calculation is weight / height2
  • For the imperial system the calculation is ( weight / height2 ) * 703

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