7 Foods You Can Eat a Lot of and Not Feel Guilty

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Eating plenty of food and not feeling guilty sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, now you can do it without going through a big guilt-trip.

Some foods you can binge eat without worrying too much about the calories; it’s just about choosing the right kind of food. And the following are some foods you can eat a lot of and still feel good about yourself.

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Whole Eggs

There is a reason why eggs are an incredible food for after a workout; it’s an incredible food for nutrients.

They contain all the important amino acids your body requires, and according to some studies, such as this one, people who ate eggs for breakfast consumed fewer calories for the rest of the day.


A great fact about celery is that it contains only 6 calories per each stalk! Although 95% of celery is water, it still contains potassium, fiber, and vitamin K. Try eating celery fresh because it tends to lose antioxidants as time passes.


Kale is a leafy green that has incredible benefits. One cup of raw kale only has 33 calories! That’s nothing right? Also, it contains omega-three fatty acid which very few foods have.

So try snacking on this with some lemon, salt, or pepper; it all depends on what you want!


With fiber that keeps your hunger under control and Vitamin C which reduces the risk of serious diseases like cancer, this fruit is incredible. It also keeps a check on your blood sugar levels.

And if you’re thinking about calories, it only has 50!


As the name suggests, this fruit is mostly water which means it’s filling and tasty. It’s the perfect snack for a picnic on a hot day or as a snack at home.


Most people eat oranges for vitamin C, but it has other advantages too. It makes your skin look beautiful. Side note: don’t forget to eat the white part under the skin (pith); it lowers blood sugar levels as well as your cholesterol.


If your body is swollen, cucumber is just the right vegetable for you. It’s readily available in most places and all around the year. And whether you put it in your salad or consume it as a snack, its benefits will still help you.

Try adding these good foods to your meals and see the difference for yourself!

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