10 Snacks That’ll Make You Feel Full So You Can Lose Weight Faster

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10 Snacks That'll Make You Feel Full So You Can Lose Weight Faster

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Do you often feel hungry shortly after your meals? Or does your stomach growl in anticipation of late-night snacks even though you just ate dinner? The feeling of hunger is unpleasant but starving off hunger pains can be even worse.

So to satisfy your hunger without taking in too many extra calories for a snack, you should check out our list of the 10 healthy snacks that will make you feel full for a lot longer!

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1. Almonds

This popular nut can be a great snack to satisfy your hunger due to the high amount of protein in it. It’s also an energy bomb that can give you a great start to the day. So prepare an almonds pack and bring it with you whenever you go out!

2. Walnuts

Don’t like almonds? How about walnuts? Or you can mix the two together for a great combo of energy.

The nutrients in walnuts activate an area in your brain that helps you to controls your hunger, so you won’t have to feel hungry right after your meals.

3. Quinoa

Quinoa is a gluten-free and protein-rich seed, but it’s also a great source of fiber. Both protein and fiber will make you feel full for a long time.

Prepare a quinoa salad for your lunch at work or school; it’s delicious and definitely a better choice than the McDonald’s menu.

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4. Avocado

Avocado is an awesome fruit, and unlike other fruits or veggies, it has a high amount of protein and fiber. Moreover, it can be used in many different recipes to make them even tastier!

The protein and fiber in avocado will allow you to experience less overall hunger and stop you from eating more.

5. Chia Seeds

Feeling hungry shortly after you ate lunch? Then prepare a smoothie with chia seeds. Chia seeds expand in size which means they will keep you feeling full by dinner without starving.

6. Eggs

Do you include eggs in your breakfast? If not, you may feel hungry soon afterward. Eggs are great sources for protein and healthy fats, but they’re also tasty!

Try different omelets each morning; you won’t get bored with eating eggs as each omelet will have their own taste!

7. Hummus

Sometimes, you may want to try different tastes to satisfy your stomach. And if you’re looking for a great recipe, hummus may be a wise choice. The protein and fiber from the garbanzo beans will make you stay full longer.

8. Broccoli

Your mom had a good reason to tell you to finish all your broccoli on your plate! Apart from its many other health benefits, broccoli is rich in protein and fiber.

91 grams of chopped broccoli (1 cup) has 2g of fiber and 3g of protein.

9. Yogurt

Feeling hungry but don’t want to feel guilty after eating high-calorie snacks? Try yogurt; you can add a few chia seeds in your bowl for maximum satisfaction for your stomach.

10. Ginger

Sometimes you may want to ignore your hunger by not eating anything, but it’s not always so easy. If you insist on not eating anything apart from your meals, try adding ginger powder to hot water.

It’s been shown that ginger has the power to make you feel full for longer periods.

If you’re finding it hard to not snack throughout the day, then definitely just try a few of these to help you out! They’ll help you reach your weight loss goals so much sooner!

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