5 Seriously Tasty Desserts for Intermittent fasting

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Our love for desserts can be hard to contain while on a diet. We feel like our sweet tooth has to be satisfied one way or another. So a more appropriate way to do this would be to have desserts in moderation and only have desserts that won’t harm the progress of our diet.

So here are some desserts that you can still have while intermittent fasting.

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Coconut Milk Yogurt + Cacao

Cacao and coconut milk yogurt are filled with TONS of nutrients, which make them an incredible dessert. Definitely a better option than eating a lot of ice cream.

Dark Chocolate

An all-time favorite dessert for many which will probably never lose its popularity because of its richness. It helps in controlling your appetite and reduces your cravings which all assist in weight loss.

Macadamia Nuts

Despite the fact that it’s high in calories, macadamia nuts may be able to facilitate weight loss while satisfying your desire for an after-dinner snack (could be pared with dark chocolate?).

Almond Butter + Banana

This dessert is packed with protein, fibers, and good fats. However, just make sure you have it in moderation and don’t go overboard since it does have quite a few calories.

Iced Tea

Even though this beverage is usually heavy in sugar, you can make just a few minor changes which will help make it a beneficial part of your diet. It really is a great way to drink something tasty while also losing weight.

So try adding some lemon and just a tad bit of honey (if desired) instead of all that sugar.

This shortlist of desserts that you can consume while doing intermittent fasting will help you in your weight loss plans. So give them a try!

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