5 Foods You Can Basically Eat as Much as You Want

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Eating as much as you want sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, now you can do it without going through a guilt-trip. Some foods you can binge eat without worrying too much about the calories; it’s just about choosing the right kinds of food. Don’t pay attention to what your app says about overeating because eating in moderation is for unhealthy foods. Following are some foods you can at as much as you wish:

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Basically… you don’t need to diet to lose weight and can STILL go to McDonald’s.

Celery: A shocking fact about celery is that it contains only 6 calories in a single serving! Although 95% of celery is water, it still contains potassium, fiber, and vitamin K. Try eating celery fresh because it tends to lose antioxidants as time passes. 

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Kale: Kale is a very popular vegetable and its benefits are seriously awesome. But guess what? One cup of kale only has 33 calories! Moreover, it contains omega-three fatty acids which very few foods have. Add kale to your daily meals in whatever form you prefer.

Grapefruits: Their claim to fame is Vitamin C which keeps your hunger under control and at the same time reduces the risk of serious diseases like cancer and heart issues. It also keeps your blood sugar levels in check. If you’re thinking about calories, it has only 50.

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Oranges: most people eat oranges for the vitamin C, but it has other advantages too. It makes your skin look healthy. Side note: do eat the white part under the skin as well, it lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Cucumber: This food is readily available in most places all around the year. Put it in a salad or consume it as a side to a main dish; its effects remain the same no matter what form.

Try adding these 8 foods to your meals and see the difference yourself!

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