10 More Habits of People Who Lose Weight & Keep it Off

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The majority of the people who diet will regain fifty percent of the lost weight within the following year. Staying healthy is not a one-time job; it requires consistency and effort to stay in shape! We are the slaves of our habits and so, it is high time we develop habits that lead to long term success in keeping fit. And the following are some ways to keep the extra pounds off.

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Develop a meal routine: fixing the number and the timings of the meals you consume in the day helps keep your body in rhythm. Avoid munching and snacking at odd hours.

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Take smaller portions: one way to fool your mind into believing you’ve eaten a lot when in fact, you haven’t overeaten, is using smaller plates and portions instead of putting a huge portion on a big plate. It works!

Walk off those calories: give yourself the target of 10,000 steps a day. Take the stairs, park your car away from the grocery store, or do whatever it takes to walk as much as you can.

Refine your cooking skills: eating out with friends once a week is different than ordering in every other day. And when you make good food, you want to eat at home more. It’s not just healthy but also cost-effective!

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Don’t get too hungry: starving yourself is not a very good idea as you end up overeating later on. Keep with yourself some healthy snacks like dry fruits or a protein bar for when you’re actually hungry. Having breakfast will keep you on track!

Start self-monitoring: whatever you consume in a day, be it a proper meal or just a snack you got from a friend, jot it down on a piece of paper at the end of the day to stay aware and keep tabs on your eating habits.

Find a support system: following diet regimes and working out with a friend is much more fun than going through it alone. A partner will keep you focused and hold you accountable for when you are planning on having a cheat day.

Purge your kitchen: get rid of all that junk food in your fridge or side drawer that sabotages your weight loss plan! Don’t trust yourself with this; after a long day at work, you might find yourself drinking a couple of sodas that you find in the fridge.

Drink loads of water: water keeps your stomach full and leaves less space for food and reduces hunger. 

Get enough sleep: lack of sleep is directly linked to a gain in weight. According to research, insomnia or not getting a good night’s sleep leads to increased stress hormone levels which makes you put on weight in the long run.

Losing weight and keeping it sound may sound like a tough thing to do, but in fact, it only requires a well-designed routine that compliments your eating habits and a healthy lifestyle!   

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