10 Halloween Makeup Ideas You Need to Try This Year

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Halloween costumes are totally awesome. And whether it’s being dressed up as cute characters, scary creatures, or in an animal theme, it’s seriously a great idea. But makeup is what makes your look complete and definitely takes some skill. And sometimes they are so good that you don’t even need to pair them with any costumes. They just go well with almost anything you want to wear.

So down below, I’ve found some beyond awesome Halloween makeup ideas that you can try out. These are all beautifully scary and perfect for the spooky season. These can easily impress your guests without taking much effort.

So check them out and prove that you live for Halloween. Let me know what you think!

Stitched Mouth Make Up

Found from Cosmopolitan

Cuts and stitches are definitely an essential element to achieve a gory look.

Comic Book Character Look

Found from Best Halloween Blog

Okay, when I first saw this I was so excited to try it. It totally looks like you step right out of a comic book with this ultra-simple look.

Half Skull Glam Makeup

Found from Zoe New Love

Go halfsies on your DIY skull glam look so you don’t need to worry about keeping it symmetrical.

Sugar Skull Makeup

Found from Elle

This makeup takes on the Sugar Skull look and leaves me breathless. Don’t forget to add a flower crown to complete the look. It’s guaranteed to turn heads with this trick or treat look.

Giraffe Makeup Look

Found from The Xerxes

Animal Halloween makeup is becoming a major trend right now. So why not try it out with this cute and chic giraffe makeup idea that you can do in just a short amount of time?

DIY Snapchat Filter

Found from Brit

Now, this makes for a super easy theme if you’re going to a Halloween party. Definitely try this fun one out!

Harley Quinn Makeup

Found from Styles Printer

Okay, so you’ve already got your Harley Quinn costume, so why not complete your outfit with this look. This makeup tutorial from Styles Printer is super easy and fun.

Mermaid Makeup Look

Found from Allure

I’ll admit, this one looks intimidating to DIY, but it’s actually super easy. You’ll just need to stretch a pair of fishnet tights over your face and pat blue eyeshadow on. It’s that simple!

Weeping Nun

Found from Beautylish

This makeup tutorial won’t take too much of your time, although it does take a lot of white powder! It’s seriously cool and something that wouldn’t be hard to recreate in the future.


Popart Zombie

Found from I’m Gur

This totally turquoise makeup is perfect if you’re searching for a colorful-yet-scary look.

Sometimes you can’t have the best Halloween costume without the great makeup to go along with it. I mean, you can dress up, but it’s still the makeup effect that finishes the look. And with these ten Halloween makeup ideas, you’ll definitely win at a Halloween costume competition! So give them a try and let me know what you think.

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