8 Simple New Years Decor Ideas That’ll Make You Look Like a Genius

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So here I am trying to catch up with all of the New Year’s posts out there. I seriously love finding awesome ideas for the holidays, so me falling behind on this is just a bit frustrating. I mean I love giving you guys plenty of time to prep for these kind of things, but I suppose you all still have your Christmas decor up, so I’m not.. too late.

Anyways, here we go! Down below I founds some amazing ideas for New Year’s decor done by some great bloggers. I think they’re all awesome ideas, even if you’re just having a couple people over. It definitely gets you in the festive mood. So check them out and let me know what you think!

1. Confetti Balloons!

Found from Bloglovin’

Ok, I seriously want to try these confetti balloons out! They’re so cute and look like a great way to burst confetti all around. One last note about these balloons… you might want to wear some earplugs if you and your friends are going to pop them all at the same time.

2. DIY Glitter-Dipped Cups

Found from Evite

Now if you’re looking for an easy way to decorate your party ware, then definitely try this easy project out (it looks so pretty!).

3. Gold Painted Balloons

Source: Unknown

Sadly, I couldn’t find the source for this DIY project, but thankfully, it’s pretty straightforward. Just spread some gold paint onto a balloon, and your home is already looking more festive!

4. Giant Confetti

Found from Wee Birdy

If you want something really easy, then just follow this simple tutorial and make huge confetti to decorate your walls with.

5.Confetti Poppers

Found from Ruffled

Another awesome confetti idea! Seriously, it looks like so much fun!

6. Gold Garlands

Found from Etsy

This gold sequin garland is a great way to dress up your walls without putting too much effort into the decorating process.

7. Sequin Photobooth

Found from Oh Happy Day

If you want to make great memories with friends and have some awesome photos, then definitely try out this cool sequin photobooth DIY project.

8. Balloon Decor

Found from Honey and Fitz

Now if you’re gonna have a food/drink station, then definitely try this balloon decor idea. It’s an easy way to dress up the main party room!

Again, even if it’s just you and a couple other people or a big party, these are some easy and awesome decor ideas for New Year’s. Seriously, they all look like a ton of fun. Nothing too complicated, just DIY projects that’ll make your home look amazing and impress guests. So if you’re up for it, then definitely try these ideas out!

Now if you have any questions, just let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to help you out!

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